Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The World...and my associated responsibilities... have dared encroach upon my quilt finishing time!

Major encroacher: the lack of fabric at my quilt shop to allow me to do the big wide border I wanted so that my enlarged Gratitude would be even larger and fit my QS bed! So yesterday I had to get inventive and make another 5 scrappy squares to cover the lack of fabric! There ended any chance of completion! (Especially on another 37 degree celcius scorcher of a day!)

Extra encroachees:
1. Farm work called and I answered.
2. School swimming organisation called... and I answered.
3. Quality time with husband prior to him leaving again called...and I answered.
4. Back appointment in a town an hour away called- a town with Christmas Shopping shops and my sister, so......I answered - and have now effectively finished the "shop" part of the gifts. (Found 7 brides for 7 brothers, Little House on the Prairie, Oaklahoma and Singin' in the rain-how much fun are the daughter and I going to have these Christmas Holidays!

So now I will just surprise you next update with something finished..or something interesting at least! ps the new quail laid an egg about the size of a marble-how excited is daughter going to be when I take them for Show and Tell tomorrow! Have a great day.


The Calico Cat said...

The quail laid an egg
The quail laid an egg
Heigh ho the dairy-o
The quail laid an egg.

Sorry as I wander off the deep end...

(Do you sing "The farmer & the Dell" in Australia? That is what my little rhyme is about.)

Lois R. said...

Sorry I missed commenting on your quilt yesterday. It is really pretty. Not colors I would have ever thought of using together, but beautiful!

Cheryl said...

You are wise woman to answer all the life calls you received yesterday...children and life move on so quickly...our quilting will be there. Fluffanutter sandwich instruction coming soon. (lol)

If I hadn't spend 5 wks in New Zealand years ago I would have NO idea what "chooks" are!! I felt completely ignorant when I was told that I had to daily feed the "chooks" and collect their eggs. I was so relieved when I found out they were chickens!