Saturday, October 24, 2009

To iron, fold ,do dishes ..or blog?

Start with a few Australian natives, I have been rebooked to provide the cards for a big festival next year, so am working on my portfolio.

What do you think?

As you can see on the blog title , not any fun alternatives here today, house work and more housework! Things got a little out of control around here during shearing, so I am catching up. It is also beautiful Spring weather and I am in garden and clean mode. But surely I can sneak in a little blog!

Gotta love the black sheep in the pack, even though you don't want any of it's wool getting near the good stuff.

Kids were good helpers, daughter kicked me out of the drafting yards, said that job was hers! Didn't know whether to laugh or cry! Got over it fairly quickly, I remember how proud I was when I became my Dad's #1 drafter...and some possible farmer husband in a lot of years may appreciate her training as much as my DH did!

Here she is modelling her tin dog, it makes the noise that gets the sheep moving, my Dad has a business making them.

Oops!Dh just walked in, and I am NOT doing any priority items!!-better look like I'm working!!

We did get to the Pompeii and St*r wars exhibition, I had better keep those pics for next time!
See ya!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Here comes the shearing...

How much am I loving a laptop! Mobile internet access and a card slot for the camera memory card and I can actually keep up with Flash Forward and blog at the same!! We are at Episode 3, is that similar to the states? seems like quite a good show, interesting premise!

The fridge is packed full of baking, roasts and sausage rolls ready for shearing to start tomorrow, a very busy time here and looks like uncertain weather so it will drag out. We are hoping to get to Melbourne for the Day in Pompeii exhibition and St*r wars at science works before they close, but it all depends on this shearing.

Mainly farmy stuff to share, only sewing I have done is stuff I can't show just yet.

Canola is flowering, seems I have shared photos at this season a good few times, it is my 3 year blogiversary next weekend, that's gone quick. I wonder if there will be a competition?

I have taken a few photos of my girl, her friend..and Rosie, her pup...who should have had a bath!

Rosie fancied herself a sheep dog today, the pet lambs have grown..hugely...and got out and ate my rose garden today. We wont go into the ingratitude they are showing for those 4 hourly night feeds!! The "farm" dogs and kids helped get them in the orchard, quite a circus!

Weather is only just ok, but didn't stop the kids getting in th dam to celebrate the big Holden Bathurst win yesterday!Their father was celebrating even harder!

Hatched a late duckling out in my girl's hand the other night, thought you may like to see the last stages...

Gotta love the little egg tooth on the end of the beak, that will fall off withing a day ot two. Just there to do it's job.

And, here we are! It is truly amazing how things hatch...if they have been left unwarmed for longer than the hour a day they can manage in their incubation period, they will often continue to grow in the shell, but don't have enough built up energy to get out the die with the end in sight.

That's why we kept an eye on this one, the dawdling is often a bad sign but warm hands and a light did the trick and it went back to it's mum safely out. We never interfere and hatch them ourselves, even an hour too soon can mean they haven't fully absorbed the egg yolk and what's effectively their umbilicus wont heal up properly.

Better sleep, big days ahead!

Have a great day, Tracey