Saturday, October 24, 2009

To iron, fold ,do dishes ..or blog?

Start with a few Australian natives, I have been rebooked to provide the cards for a big festival next year, so am working on my portfolio.

What do you think?

As you can see on the blog title , not any fun alternatives here today, house work and more housework! Things got a little out of control around here during shearing, so I am catching up. It is also beautiful Spring weather and I am in garden and clean mode. But surely I can sneak in a little blog!

Gotta love the black sheep in the pack, even though you don't want any of it's wool getting near the good stuff.

Kids were good helpers, daughter kicked me out of the drafting yards, said that job was hers! Didn't know whether to laugh or cry! Got over it fairly quickly, I remember how proud I was when I became my Dad's #1 drafter...and some possible farmer husband in a lot of years may appreciate her training as much as my DH did!

Here she is modelling her tin dog, it makes the noise that gets the sheep moving, my Dad has a business making them.

Oops!Dh just walked in, and I am NOT doing any priority items!!-better look like I'm working!!

We did get to the Pompeii and St*r wars exhibition, I had better keep those pics for next time!
See ya!


Margaret said...

Love your posts, and the weather is fine DD is doing a mighty fine job. I went to a funeral and the son told how he was his mother's best dog ,she couldn't train a dog and he said he could run and do all what was expected of him. p.s. His father had died many years before in a farming accident.

Ruth's Place said...

Love the picture of the black sheep!

Cascade Lily said...

Nice flower photos there Tracey. Glad to hear you're keeping busy! Despite my successful summits last week, Mt Folding and Mt Ironing have sprung up here again too!

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like you have been busy with life lately.

The photos are beautiful of the native plants. Are they protea?

Yes, I can imagine not wanting that black wool around at shearing time. Glad to see that the kids are growing to be such good help. Yes, some future farmer will be happy to have a well trained wife!

Calidore said...

Stunning photos of both kids and flowers Tracey. well done to your girl taking over your job in the yards - I would have thrown a party to get out of there. Washing and ironing are piling up here too but as we are about to start some renovations I'm getting out of other housework without feeling to guilty..vbg. I feel so sorry for that poor little black sheep. If you don't want his fleece - I do...vbg. Lovely colour to spin and you can dye it too.

Ali Honey said...

I like the 3rd photo best.

I remember drafting lambs at a similar age....and it does seem to lead to marrying a farmer....the lanolin is so nice on ones hands...I didn't have a tin dog that's a good idea....too late now as I don't have to herd or move vines and trees!

Quilting Melodies said...

It's sad but don't we all feel like that black sheep every once in a while?? I just love your photos!

All I can say is Happy houseworking.. I just got back from a quilting retreat and you should see my house! I was thinking- can I go back? Have a great weekend.


Scrappy-Quilter said...

your photos are lovely!
looks like the kiddos had a bit of fun while helping with shearing. I really like the black sheep in the middle of your others.

Kim said...

Love the black sheep photo!

Libby said...

That little black sheep has the sweetest face - my favorite for sure *s*

Shasta said...

That sheep picture is adorable! I liked the canola ones in the previous post as well.

I would choose blogging over ironing, folding, doing dishes, etc.