Monday, April 30, 2007

A request
Doing a fair few Mother's day things at our craft day on Wednesday, do you have a good saying about Mother's, friends, women in general from fridge magnets, cards or quilts you have seen? Sharing them in the comments would be most appreciated, Thank you!

It almost wasn't cricket.
A huge Saturday night....not perhaps like some of those in the long distant past but a big Saturday night nonetheless. I actually went to bed at 8.30 pm, read a little bit of 'The master Quilter' (in an attempt to tell myself that it wasn't a good 2 hours too soon to be going to bed) and then had a few hours sleep before getting up for the supposed 11.30 pm start to the cricket. Of course it had to rain in Barbados and the game didn't start until 2.15 am! Except they couldn't tell me that until 2 am so I just had to stay up and wait. I stitched a few sock sacks for the fete, gave myself a facial, pinned and tied my pink floral skirt quilt and drank a few coffees and a lot of hot chocolate...and twisties...and mettwust...and leftover easter eggs!
Most of the game was well worth the staying up for, slightly dodgy end courtesy of more wet weather and a few decisions by the organizers. One part of the second innings was a real first for me, it was the first time I have ever seen cricket continue in the rain. Cricket is a little precious about bad light and rain, but I suppose if someone was throwing a hard ball at me at 100 miles and hour I would prefer to be able to see it as well! Anyway, my boys won and I watched us win in the night 4 years ago and 8 years ago so I have seen the cricketing hat-trick.

We have been very fortunate over the weekend to receive almost and inch and a quarter of rain. That is well and truly enough for an Autumn break and I should see a lot more happy faces in town today. My dh will now be very busy trying to get crops in.

Finished Jennifer Chiaverini's Master Quilter and moving on to Round Robin. Really enjoying them-thanks to all the recommenders.

Made a couple of little sock sacks for the fete, we love our sock sack here. I put all the socks with no pairs in there every few months, then usually find a whole heap of new pairs! The yellow check was in the op shop on lenghts of 3 m. for $2.50 and the blue check inside that the picture doesn't really show was a Q/s cotton doona cover for $6. Absolutely heaps of good material there. On Wednesday we are having a craft day for the School mums to make items for the fete and these are one of the prototypes. I'm providing the materials so we will use a lot of my op-shop materials up.

A big finish! The string quilt that came out of the little "how I make strings" tutorial a few months ago-and also managed to have a big rip-is now finished. I think I mentioned that I had caused a few problems when I took the borders off. I stretched the edge and there was no way to fix it well enough to border and bind so I just turned the backing in and because it was an old pre-quilted bedspread it has beautifully covered the edge problem. Seeing the back was already quilted i just tied it to hold it together and I am keeping it as a decorative throw.

The big winners.
For the 100th post comment competion; Thanks to all entrants! The winners were chookyblue, anne quiltoholic and doodlebug gail. We will get in contact.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

The week in review.
I know I am in trouble when even my DH tells me to stop and smell the roses! Well, I didn't think that my week was just too bad-just full. But I did then add in a full night of cricket watching when Australia beat south Africa in the Semi finals and followed it up with a big day of catering, fete organisation, packing bookclub orders, school storytime, chiropractor and Auskick footy for the kids. I fell into bed about 11 o'clock that night after serving supper at our church hosted Pr*menade of Sacred music and slept very well.
Big news here, last night it remembered how to rain, some people got close to 2 inches in our dry old state, we are closer to half an inch but it is a nice feeling to know it can come. My kids are presently in the bath, on a Saturday morning-Why? Well they went out to kick their footballs and I missed a great photo opportunity because they were so excited about the puddles that they sat and played in them! They turned up at the front holding ALL their clothes in their arms.
Not a lot of sewing this week,but while waiting for the cricket I made bags and purses, the purses have all found homes, this bag is a prototype, I love the fabric, ordered some more after I saw the results. While the cricket was on, when i was back in the house, I baked more of Kim's apple cake, did my ironing and finished my Lone Star. I am only giving you a peek at the back before I sat and took out the templates, I am hoping to have it appliqued for it's big unveiling very soon.
THANK YOU to all of my commenters on the last post. I have printed them all out and DD and DS are going to cut them up and draw them out to see who gets the prizes. It was great to hear from a few "lurkers" as I then get the chance to visit new blogs. Stay tuned!
Finally. I have weaned 3/4 of my bucket reared babies. They didn't seem to be finding the water in their new paddock so this is me tricking them into following me to the trough by carrying their feeder. At one point I had 13 behind me all sucking on my clothes, then the kids came and they just annoyed them., clear water.

I finished Sandra Dallas' Persian Pickle club the other day, it is now being devoured by my friend Robyn. I am well into the first Elm Creek quilts book and really enjoying it.

I love this quote, "Time, space and lots of friends-that's what you need to be a successful quilter." p.118. So true I reckon,but also often hard to achieve, you need space to think big! The time factor is also 2 weeks I will have plenty (well that is the theory!) But the friends thing is really the most important, it's not much fun making quilts if you have no-one to see them and no-one to talk about them with. The internet is great for those of us who can't always catch up with other quilters weekly. YAY and gratitudes for the 'net!....and friends here and not here ....and cricket....and sewing spots no matter how big......and crazy kids...and caring husbands....and a drop of something alcoholic on occasion ...and even half an inch of rain. Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

100th post...and I spent the egg money!!

A nice, organisational and congratulatory moment here. As some regular readers will know, I save my egg money and I had let slip a few months ago that it had amassed the grand total of $299! Well, with recent chook sales I finally reached the milestone that allowed me to buy the side table I wanted in order to get my bedroom on track and here it is! (complete with one drawer out I just notice!) I haven't quite filled all the drawers yet but by the stuff that still needs a home on the floor it will not take long! (better a hoarder than a borrower be! Isn't that how it goes?)

DH still thinks I am crazy that I didn't just go out and buy it 18 months ago when I wanted it, but then I wouldn't love it like this and be quite proud of it, it would just be furniture.

Tidied up the "book floor" as well after this came, borrowed some of the wooden shelving cubes and solved the problem of keeping all the stuff I like nice and close. See the magazines next to the pen and little sticky notes so I can mark the good quilt articles so they are easy to find for later. I have not yet come to the point where I rip and file the good bits but with my growing mag. collection I may get to that. I also love the chook. He plays the chicken dance until you put your hands around his neck then he makes a choking sound. Depends on your idea of humour... my daughter's class gave it to me for my birthday for doing storytime!

Now, back to being my 100th post. What fun that has been. My posting started at about the same time as my daughter got sick with her giardia and associated tummy problems and the blofgging interaction has been lovely for some added contact and to keep me motivated to record my quilting. As a result, and as a Thank you, I am going to borrow from Darlene's idea and everyone who comments prior to my next post will go into the draw for a prize or two......

Have a great day, Tracey

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A quiet weekend.
Thank goodness!
Just a quick post to say a big thank you for all the comments and emails about my little family drama. DS has been great and is lapping up all the attention and checking I've told everyone about his head while DD only smiled a day and a half later when my sister bought her kids up for a visit and wont let anyone mention the blood.
We are off for a Paeds check-up with her tomorrow and a hectic few weeks leading up to this School market so the posts may be a little light on, as will the quilting time.
Photo today is of a "quilt for a cure" quilt our group made a few years ago. We all made blocks for a "Quilter's companion" challenge and then offered to put one of the quilts together. This is our blocks and a few others they sent back. You can't see the detail but Robyn and Chris handquilted the cancer ribbon shape in the big cream blocks.
Have a great day, Tracey

Friday, April 20, 2007

I am having a Biblical moment today, want to hear why?
At 8.30 am this morning I was very happy with life, after having children home or things on all day, every day for weeks, I had a free day-no obligations, no cooking, house was almost clean, just have my coffee, make a few organisational calls, read my emails and life was my own.........and then the phone rings.....and just like that man in the Bible who planned for the great life he was going to have after building his bigger barn, I got my rude awakening that reminded me my plans are not my own.
Ds had managed to damage himself BEFORE EVEN GETTING TO SCHOOL! He hit his head on a metal part of the School bus, had bled majorly, vomitted, and was at School now miserable. No shower, pull on presentable clothes and off I go. After an hour in Emergency his over half inch hole in his head was superglued back together so we went back to School for Show and Tell. There discovered his sister was a little more than upset, it was more like shock; pale, shivering, teary with a headache, she felt he was going to die and there was so much blood and he only wanted her....and needless to say they are both lying on my couch watching Wonder woman right now and therein went the day! You have to laugh I suppose, so I am including these 2 little fellows to finish up and off to watch him for concussion!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Little plays.

Justifying my existence here at present, with a little cooking for the shearers. Well, they aren't really shearing just cleaning up the sheep prior to lambing. I thought their real title may put you off, are you ready, promise not to laugh....they are crutching! And don't worry if you are saying "What the!" even, local town girls think that job sounds rather odd. Very necessary however, as you would appreciate if you were a little lamb who wanted to be able to instantly located some nice, clean, easily accessible warm milk after birth.

Are we up with how this is done, because they are back again Monday and I could steal some photos. Shearing is a far bigger operation and I cook for 10 -14 . This is only four, but it's 9.30 am hot morning tea, midday, 2 course hot meal and 3 pm sandwiches, cake and biscuits. The short breaks are called "smoko" from the old days when that was the chance for the shearers to get a smoke.

Needless to say between that and everything else I am only getting 15 minute increments in my studio so the bigger projects are on hold. Here are a few of the little things that I have finished.

Little purses from the Moda plastic-coated fabric. These are gifts but i am trying to decide what price I could put on them for stalls, they are lined but not top-stitched this time. Top stitching the plastic stuff with a zip gives me a headache!

The little bag was another play, I make these up in a few minutes with scraps and my op shop pre-quilted bedspreads for the lining. If anyone isn't sure how to do these and wants info. just drop a line. They go to all the little girls I know and will be on our market stall for School. Hard to price them as well.

Speaking of bags, I thought you may like to see some of the ones I have made for DD. Actually, I lie, she made the gingham stripy one when her and a few friends hed a sewing lesson day.

The little one at the front was part of last year's birthday present. My own design, it is round, quilted again with the pre-quilted bedspreads and opens out completely flat with pockets and elastic sections inside for storing Polly Pocket dolls and all their associated belongings. (Guess who got sick of finding bits of Polly pocket stuff everywhere!) being a bag girl myself I would secretly like one of these! But isn't that pretty much how it works with our daughters?-we try to give them everything that we want..and then have to learn to deal with the fact that they have their own needs/wants and lives. Our favourite book will not always be theirs, they will not always want to sew...........

I can now here calves and chooks calling for their brunch-does it ever end! Have a great day, Tracey

Monday, April 16, 2007

Siggy Swap playtime.
Being in the same state as the swap mother (Cynthia) has its advantages. While other blocks are whirling throughout the World (a cool theory) mine are here being played with and I thought I may be able to eliminate some stress by discussing my results thus far.
They are fabulous and the colours all look great together, see photo.
I love this way of putting it together and have so far joined all the blocks in pairs. Here in lies the fun-they have been made beautifully and enthusiastically by all our lovely blogging friends using instructions off the net and therefore there are variations. My suggestions are to trim them all to a maximum of 6 and a half inches when you get them and depending on the pattern you choose you may need to trim them all slightly smaller even. With the pattern I like (above) there will be some problems getting all the points perfect as there is some variation in the width of the pin wheels. It's a matter of a little bit of creative playing to get the points or not being too stressed.
The second way to do it only requres good points on two sides and may be more appealing.

I love these blocks so much and have carted them around everywhere showing everyone the decorated blocks and the range of colours. I am hoping to have it up and hanging in my studio very soon.

ps, you will notice I am 4 blocks short, these are my own that were returned (I didn't put them in the pic) and I am happy to swap if anyone is interested. Connie is very keen to come in on this and see Cynthia's blog as well for details. (Post addition-I have just tried to use this link to Cynthia and it does all the right things but wont display her blog, is that the same for everyone? What have I done wrong? Cynthia

Last photo is of the babies convincing me that they are too cute to be put in the cubby to sleep!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

A taste of farm life.

My sister and darling niece and nephew have just visited.

We enjoyed a day playing, swimming and making Kim's fabulous apple cake. How great was that! The kids demolished seconds of-with icecream -and their mothers helped.

Totally bad picture that had to be clicked quickly because the apple cake was disappearing before my eyes!
DN licking his bowl clean.(What? No leftovers for the mother, haven't these children learnt "The Rules!")
After all of that it was time to feed the animals at dusk.
The rodeo rider and myself trying to get in some practise. (Apologies for looking like I have had a hard day but I still like the pic!)

We only get this great autumn light shining up our tree tunnel-like driveway for 2 weeks a year. My children know I love this light and come screaming in to tell me. We were almost too late tonight but I managed to snap a few photos of the more willing models.

DN and DD at the cattle pit.DN playing in the dust.

I have received my blocks from the Siggy swap-it only takes one day when you are in the same state as the sended. They are fantastic. I had hoped to put them together this wekend but it isn't going to happen....

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Thinking blogger nominations take some thought.

Okay, it is a few days since Anne at Quiltoholicker nominated me for the Thinking Blogger award and it is now my turn to nominate five more. (Of course Anne knows she is inspirational so doesn't need more accolades.)

What a difficult task for someone who wont even put her favourite links in her sidebar! (But very pleased to be tagged none the less.)

I will start by saying that I find everything about this blogging inspirational. It has meant that I can stay constantly motivated to produce quilts, improve my techniques and generally stay on task in many more ways than just those involving patchwork. I also see it as being like a diary entry that the fairies have written feedback on in magical pen when you wake and check it in the morning-and who didn't ever hope that would happen? Writing about the things you do when no-one ever sees is rather flat to me. This is great - and to all of you who regularly receive comments from this elf at the bottom of the World , rather than the garden, you constantly inspire me!

So...onto nominations and some of these may have already been tagged, that doesn't change my intentions.

Dawn, who was the first main blog I began to read and I was so desperate to comment on her fabulous work i had to join blogger-these posts all come from there. Your work, detail and techniques all ispire me to sew.

Dawn in Korea, a great read from a fabulously upbeat, enthusiastic and fun Mum and quilter who lives a life as an army wife that is so far from my realm. Her quirky Korean pictures to share are always just what I want to see.

Tonya, who thinks way ouside the box with her quilting and inspires me to try completely different techniques. I also like the way she handles setbacks-marvellous.

Finn, who makes me excited about the prospect that my future years can be just as full and wonderful as the life I am living now.

Patty, who is so full of project lists and organized stash that i am driven to my studio in a fit of re-organizing after almost every read. I also like that she makes lists and gets things done-all while watching sport.

Apologies to everyone else, especially Libby, who always makes me think the joys of a simple life.

And I will close with my joys, hugging their new joys-Isabelle and Fluffy General. And I promise the cat lovers that they will not be going outside. (We found poor little Tabitha and think it was a snake.....) I also promise a cuter close up. Cheers, Tracey

Thursday, April 12, 2007

"Brown paper packages tied up with string...these are a few of my favourite things..."
Well, they don't quite arrive in brown paper anymore but the thrill of receiving parcels in the mail doesn't lose it's gloss regardless. I actually received 4 parcels in the mail and dh looked sideways at me but hesitated to comment, you see tractors cost such a lot more....
Some of my Jim Shore decorates the new fabric. The nativity has been put away and I think a very clever husband may manage to find it strategically placed in his underwear drawer in time to give it to me for my August birthday. Aren't they clever shoppers!

Love these red floral stripes, look great for bags. I also am very short of blacks and think they can add so much to brights so I stocked up on the polka dots as well.

My Angel of Faithfulness guards these choices. -bet you can't figure out why she had to come here!

The stripe and floral closest are from Heather Bailey and I saw a link on Quilting in Cornfields to her site. Looks great real, I don't think it's around over here yet. the rest are all on sale stash builders. I love the harvest vegies. (Ooh, I linked and it worked!!!Well done to Kim who gives good instructions as well as apple recipes!)

Some cute little fabrics for the boy who thinks he is a rodeo rider and is hooked on Marty Robbins' Gunfighter ballads!And last but not least, an ebay purchase, 475+ strips of a 30's kids range. All pre-cut to 5 inches by 1.5 inches. Cost me about $15 Australian and for not having to cut it was worth it.

Any details on the fabric just drop me a line

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

And..the "Book of my year" award goes to:
-The Time traveller's wife.
Actually, probably the best read for the last few years if I am truthful. I did get a little sick of reading about abuse, heartbreak etc, etc a few years ago so I have stuck to good, known safe reads: the kind of reads that make me feel good at the finish rather than traumatised.
But I loved this book that I had seen on people's profiles and in book memes.
I was faced with my usual quandary over a good book. Do I just read and read until it is done, like devouring a pizza when you are starving...or do I lengthen out the joy, make it into a 3 course meal... with oysters kilpatrick or a big serve of Tapas to start? Decided to make it a 3 course meal as I wanted it to last but it's also a library book and even though I intend buying it to reread at my leisure-I really did need to get through it so there were a few post midnight sittings.
I read Harry Potter as the pizza because I am desperate to know what happens next. I then reread and enjoy it slowly but after any amount of years in between I am starving for the new course! Please don't let us lose another old friend Miss Rowling, I prefer my tears to be of joy!
I am thinking tonight about being tagged by Anne at Quiltoholic for blog of the day awards, I need to now choose another 5 which I am finding difficult as I'm not good at singling out. Thank you very much for the honour though, Anne and thanks to those who are teaching me to link, I need time at the computer to play which may come when the kids go back to school.
I will go now and sleep on my 5, Tracey

Monday, April 09, 2007

How do I enlarge a completed quilt?

All ideas will be gratefully examined today. I have posted about the quilt I gave my dad last year for his 70th birthday and then laughed about the "ask your Mum if we can use it" query. Now, I have it back.
It seems that they slept very well under my Gratitudes when they babysat a few weeks ago and they want Dad's added to so that it is Q/S-about 7 inches each side!!?? So I now have it back and sitting in my lounge while I try to get inspiration.
I had a little think about using something like this nice pre-quilted gold and just cutting the bindings off Dad's and finish it in the gold but I really have very little idea about how to go about it when it is already backed and tied. I am going to leave this open until about Friday the 13th so feel free to give suggestions until then.
I was extremely naughty last night and pulled an all nighter on the couch watching Australia V England cricket. I think I may have napped a bit because there are about 100 runs of the England innings I can't account for but in general I watched it all. Made more strudel and sewed my Lone Star as well. It is getting very close to being post worthy (which reminds me of a Seinfeld episode, I wonder if anyone picks it?). I enjoyed watching the sunrise but couldn't sneak up the house to get the camera for a photo. If you want to see a great Easter morning Australian sunrise photo go over to Carol at 'Pins and Needles'. She is with Blogger and accidentally lives in my area!(One day I must learn how to link...)
Have been madly cleaning house since then and feel a nana nap coming on.
Last photo is a little bit of Op (thrift) shopping I did on Thursday. I was looking for sewing notions that I can use for all the items we are making for the Mother's day market and am happy to share my $6 worth of mixed treasure photo with you-
That's an Ethel Merman record in the back, singing memories from "the 90's to the 20's" and we aint talking the 1990's! Great songs, my son calls the record, "the big DCD". Reminds me of Saturday afternoon matinee movies.I think I may just stick the cover to my studio wall..I love the colours.
Look at the big roll of some kind of fabulous heavy gold thread, heaps of bias binding and thread on wooden spools....oooh! A great way to spend $6!

Finally, while waiting for the cricket to come on I finished last weeks quilt that I made from playing with blocks. It has turned out very brightly.

Happy Quilting, Tracey

Saturday, April 07, 2007

If an apple a day keeps the Doctor away......
Then he is never coming here. Have a little look at the apples that have been given to me for cooking. I already have 22 foot of strudel in the freezer and I can see plenty more coming. I also resurrected my dehydrator and have that drying some as I write. I am thinking fruit leathers as well or I will never be able to use my laundry again.
How are the calves? Going very well as you can see from the most recent pictures. I am a little fixated on Jim Shore resin figures with the quilts incorporated in them at present so I chose an old sampler quilt and tried for a few similar shots. If they would have stopped trying to eat the quilt it would have been a lot easier! But I think these couple of photos worked OK.

Worked on the pink floral quilt for an entire hour today, I would have finished but I sewed two rows together wrong and am now about to unpick.(Not rip!) So I suppose I had better stop putting it off. Adios, Tracey
ps, In about 55 minutes it will be 12 years since an optimistic me married a fairly well confirmed bachelor and it worked out better than even I hoped for, here's a pic!

Friday, April 06, 2007

An Easter post
First, a message from my children:-

I think the only card missing is the one from German, apparently that didn't get home or perhaps that is the only one they are managing to keep secret for Easter Sunday!
A special Church based quilting post today.
I haven't before shown the project that consumed the first half of last year, our Church Ladies Fellowship 80th Anniversary commemoration quilt.
It was an idea of mine from an old picture I found in a quilting book. Each Church member who wanted to contribute chose their favourite Bible Verse and for $10 we stitched the Bible Verse into the quilt. There were around 50 contributors and I had another 5 sewers so I only had to stitch about 15 and then put the whole thing together.
The variety of stitchers made it interesting. There is quite a variety of styles just in backstitch but i think that added to the individuality of the quilt.
I printed all the Bible verses out in Tempus Sans or Perpetua font (I can't recall which!) and traced them on some of my white sheridan sheeting offcuts with the lightbox and the blue wash away pen. I then basted them to thin wadding and handed them out to the stitchers. Pre-wadding them eliminated all the problem of seeing your work and knots from the front.
When I received them back I trimmed them all to the same size, sewed them to the sashings with my friend Robyn, added calico to the back, had a few experts at quilters help me hide all my transgressions and straighten it all up qith the binding and hey presto! There are just a few quilting rows on the back to further hold it together. It is quite large and difficult to work with.(Each of the verse blocks is about 12 inches.)
After being displayed at various events and receiving a highly commended in our Church visual arts awards, it was finally hung in the Church for this year's Harvest Thanksgiving festival.
I can see it very clearly from my seat and love the idea of the people who take over my pew in years to come being able to see it as well.
My children are on a sleepover at their grandparents, today they are being "fishers of fish" and attempting to catch their own Good Friday meal, we will just stick to hot cross buns and fish and chips.
A safe and blessed Easter to all.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ode to Tabitha and apologies.

Apologies firstly to my new Maverick ring who are wondering why they are getting more animals than quilts, but it is School holidays here and life is too short with my darlings to spend my days hidden away in the studio. Quilts back soon!

Doesn't Tabitha she look cute in this pic taken on Sunday week? She was in the dolls bed and had the favourite old quilt over her. Well now for the heartbreak; I fed her and put her out the door for a play on Monday morning and we haven't seen her since.

She had been spending a little bit of time in the backyard as she had ideological issues with her cat litter and was using the floor next to it!! But she kept very much around the door.

DD is very upset about her baby and I am as well, especially as this is our 4th cat to disappear in 12 months and we live in the middle of nowhere!

I found myself turning into my father recently with some bracing, "it's character building" quotes and discussions on all of our cats chasing and playing in the happy hunting ground. A huge amount of my childhood pets went playing there!!

DH and I had the unenviable task of pulling off the pool cover for a search a few days ago....thank goodness we didn't find her there.

So enjoy her picture, I envisage kittens (again!) in the near future.

Next picture is of the little darling that has dared to be eating my chooks. We had tried to get him but to no avail and then last night he decided to eat a rotten pear in my MIL's possum relocator trap. Foxes never do this! Anyway, now he is relocated and the chooks breathe again. If there is anyone out there with issues about this you should see my chookyard after these menaces have killed everything for the sake of it. Tracey

Monday, April 02, 2007

My babies.
Some photos of the new calves to share today. There ended up being 19, I must be a sucker for punishment! I realised that today, when I was doing my best rodeo impression and had to basically straddle each one to get them to suck on their milk calfeteria. That is usually the case on the first try and they then know what to do next feed but it took an hour and a half (as did I mention there are 19!) Some are close to 3 weeks old and very strong. I will be heading for a long hot shower very shortly!
The kids 'helped' feed which basically entailed them chasing the dog but I can't complain as DD actually made pancakes from scratch for breakfast this morning while her mother may have been sleeping in. I went to bed amazingly early for me but I just can't put The Time Traveller's Wife down. Can't believe it was the author's first book either.
Did some shopping at the Fat Quarter shop last night-just popped over there for a little buy-up (or as good as.) Also did a little bit of damage at the Jim Shore site as well. I'll look forward to sharing the purchases. It still amazes me that I can be shopping in the US from my little farm in Australia but then everything about the Internet amazes me.
Happy sewing while I go and rest my weary body before starting more strudel and pickles.
ps. My Essendon Bombers, who languished near the bottom of the AFL football ladder last year have started with a very unexpected win. At least that is one!