Sunday, April 15, 2007

A taste of farm life.

My sister and darling niece and nephew have just visited.

We enjoyed a day playing, swimming and making Kim's fabulous apple cake. How great was that! The kids demolished seconds of-with icecream -and their mothers helped.

Totally bad picture that had to be clicked quickly because the apple cake was disappearing before my eyes!
DN licking his bowl clean.(What? No leftovers for the mother, haven't these children learnt "The Rules!")
After all of that it was time to feed the animals at dusk.
The rodeo rider and myself trying to get in some practise. (Apologies for looking like I have had a hard day but I still like the pic!)

We only get this great autumn light shining up our tree tunnel-like driveway for 2 weeks a year. My children know I love this light and come screaming in to tell me. We were almost too late tonight but I managed to snap a few photos of the more willing models.

DN and DD at the cattle pit.DN playing in the dust.

I have received my blocks from the Siggy swap-it only takes one day when you are in the same state as the sended. They are fantastic. I had hoped to put them together this wekend but it isn't going to happen....


Cynthia said...

mmm.. i thought i could smell something delicious from my place. I suppose there isn't any of the yummy apple cake left to send to me. LOL

Susie said...

We love apple cake here. I use a recipe that is about 80 yrs old!
Yours looks delish :)

Happy Valley Quilter said...

Kim's apple cake and playing in the dust. I just doesn't get any better than that!!!

Lily said...

Ooooh yummy! I prefer mine with cream - save some for me next time!! LOL

Love the photo of the kids silhouetted by the setting sun. Gorgeous light at that time of day.