Friday, July 30, 2010

Back online...finally!

Guess what, I have been away in Africa on Safari...missed me?

Saw this...and these....

Okay, okay, we actually visted the Werribee Park Open Range zoo actaully. No time for overseas trips for me!

No, real reason I have been away...again. Never live in the internet eqivalent of the outback!! Well, only 20 minutes from a largeish town really! But we only get mail 3 times a week and I have been off line on and off for 10 weeks, and 6 weeks basically off. I now have my 4th modem in 6 months (industrial strength!) plus a big antenna on the roof...and if you have read the Stephanie Plum books you will remember their views on the cable companies from the book with the taxidermist, well, I am with them!!!

So, what's new...well, I have just worked my first full time week teaching for lots and lots of (probably pre baby) years! I have 3 weeks to go, so not a lot of quilting at present, binding to go on this weekend, then something to post!

A few more shots form the zoo...

Loved the next 2 photos, they made me feel skinny!

More news, turns out I shouldn't have blindly believed the man we got DD's kitten from last November, turns out Magnum never developed the right things in the right places, but ended up the proud owner of these....

Now, we knew the real Magnum was pretty impressive, but would like to see him manage this!!

Of course, we are adoring them, we weren't quite so excited about her commencing the birth process on the kitchen floor, Dh drew the line and put her outside, she had them on the door mat with 2 very interested young observers not missing a minute of the process! We transferred her into a cosy basket and she has spent the rest of the time being a devoted mother in the middle of my kitchen! Why, oh why, does everything end up in my kitchen?

Daisy niece loved "boos, boos" we had a hard time teaching her how to be gentle! But SO cute!!

Anyway, hope you are all well,and yes, I know I owe emails..I have only managed the odd 5 minutes on other computers. Here's to extended service! Tracey

Thursday, July 01, 2010

10 years of (mostly) joy!

The sun sets on 10 years....

10 years of often very hard labour!

10 years of constant cuddles..

10 years, the first 4 years of which he did not sleep all night for!

10 years of blonde rascal cuteness

1 year (the last) of being able to raise one eyebrow to get his own way!

10 years of constant activity

10 years of love

10 years of preferring not to wear clothes, or as few as absolutely physically and legally necessary!

10 years of noise, now often focussed as singing...and the ability to remember the tune and words to every song he hears.

10 years of the muddiest knees I have ever seen!

10 years of preferring to not be separate from his mother!!

10 years of forgetting me once he's with his friends!

The last few years of attempts to 'work" me with frequent compliments of, "have you lost weight, you sing beautifully mummy darling, wanna cuddle on the couch gorgeous..."


Where'd those 10 years go???When did I stop having to watch Bob the Builder (and start doing it just by choice..hee. hee!!) Now I want those small years back, it all went too quick, did I make the most of it? Who knows, with no sleep, 'twas all a haze!
Happy birthday DS, I'd do it all again...well, not now!!! But theoretically 10 years ago!
Remember, this week you have a chance to win some to wrap presents, boy, hope I have a card!!LOL!!