Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hi, long time no see!
My computer is awaiting a new fan from overseas, i will hopefully be back on line within a fortnight. My lovely friend, Helen is allowing me to check-in on her computer so no pics, just me.
Been a busy few weeks. Unfortunately my dd only lasted about a week of full school before the irritable bowel kicked in so my time to myself was brief. I should have madly sewed, but I thought I had time...don't we I cleaned and made double batches of sauce and chutney and soup for the neighbours-and then she was home again.
For those who are interested we are trying a different treatment involving re-igniting her nervous system!! We were desperate, this has been going since October. Results are actually quite good so far, she is doing her first half day for a fortnight this afternoon. I'll give you a full report when i'm back on deck.
Getting some hand sewing time at appointments so am 3 rows into a templated Lone star, I am quite proud and may even be motivated to HAND QUILT!!
Need to run as I have to do storytime at school, hope all are well, back soon. Tracey

Monday, February 05, 2007

Hi, an unofficial post here so you know that the computer is turning itself off AGAIN and has to go back in and meet thy maker! So I may be offline for a few days. I'm telling you because it is a little worrying when someone just disappears, ie, has anyone heard from Hedgehog since Dec.26th?

Answer to my little quiz question-this is my bulb flowering, an amaryllis belladonna or n*ked l*dy, because the flowers come long after the foliage has died away. These are my kind of plants-you see them dotted around paddocks where 60 years or more ago there was a house. They may be the only indication left but they refuse to give up. I like their style! They also remind me a little bit of why I make quilts because the idea that my work leaves a little bit of colour and a lasting reminder of me long after I am gone appeals. Cheers, tracey

Sunday, February 04, 2007

My string quilt-take two.
Before I get distracted,- I neglected to repeat that the Gratitudes quilt i posted pics of on my last quilt was from Sunshine Quilts, Judy Laquidara's blog. Judy posted hour a day instructions on a variation of this quilt and I then adapted Judy's instructions to make it bigger and change the borders. Thank You, Judy!!

These first two pics are an example of how I get distracted by juicy projects. Those blocks from the string tutorial have grown and grown and here are two variations of how I could place them. Not sure which is grabbing me here so feedback is most welcome.

Next we have a sad pic! I showed you the box of strips I getting my strips from when I started the tutorial-now look! After making all those blocks you can't really see where I have been. Just goes to show how far those scraps and offcuts will go and why it's a pity not to keep them.

Another little tangent I went on on Friday-DS had a little girl's birthday party and informed me one of my bags would be good and that she likes pink, unicorns and princesses! I made a matching gift tag as well. This is the end result and he was very happy, hopefully this young lady he is so in tune with liked it as well.

As promised I have included a picture of my shirts4quilts stash. Recent visitors to my blog may like to go back to the early posts to see the variety of quilts my group and I made from an op shop shirt challenge. I am planning a few more, mainly for charity and gifts and here are the lucky recipients soon to be given a second chance at life.

The final picture is of my two little precious' heading off to the bus at 7.45 am on the first day of school. Very stoic performance put on by their mother ...until they ran off towards the ute and I didn't have to be brave anymore! Have since enjoyed three afternoons in the sewing room and it was GOOO_OOD!!

Is anyone else having trouble getting in to comment again? Or is it my cleaned up computer? If you think I'm being rude and not saying anything it may be because your computer is telling me to log in or not giving me the letters to identify. I find it hard enough identifying the letters when they are there, least of all when they are not!!
have a great day, Tracey

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Gratitudes all round!
Hi, very quick post as I have a family waiting for me in the pool. (I know, I know, it's a hard life here today...)
The computer is all better-and it never cost me a cent. Apparently they get all dust in through the fans at the back, even in a lino office on a shelf under the desk, and they need to be blown out with compressed air. Where was that written in computing for idiots? That is apparently responsible for crunching noises, etc, etc. It's also been anti-spy wared and virused to within an inch of it's life so hopefully I'm right for a while.
Got heaps to post about and heaps of pics so I'll clear these 3 quickly from the "to-do" list.

Bingo-Bonnie wanted to see my finished Gratitudes. As it's so big it took a bit of organising. Here is my little family helping me out. DS was meant to be on the bale, but it was too high so he was in charge of stopping the edges blowing up, Dh took his spot. The whole thing turned into our normal working with children circus when DS only wanted to be in the family portrait behind the quilt! In the end I like the photos-kind of quirky! Got to run, more v.soon. Tracey