Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's spring...again!

Do you think you realise you aren't a teenager anymore when you hear yourself sounding like your mother??

"Where has the year gone, where have the weeks gone...where do the days go?" "Time just flies by!" "Soon be Christmas already, where'd that year go?!"

I don't think she had the answers and I sure as heck don't have! Spring is here already, there are many signs in the yard...

baby ducks

baby kangaroos

and bees

but most importantly Chookyblue's Secret Santa Christmas swap. I missed last years...and believe me, i really missed it. Christmas didn't feel quite the same. I am back for this year, think that will make it 4/5. Seems like the 5th Spring I have spent as a blogger, once again I can feel those quotes of Mum's coming on...

So, what's life thrown since last has finally stopped raining and by working around the clock the past 3 weeks DH has managed to get over 500 acres of crop in, at least 500 acres more to go in, but shearing is approaching rapidly and we may run out of time. It is really too late for the crops we are planting, but you can't give up, we have to hope the rainy conditions may last into summer.

I have therefore been checking sheep and cattle, chasing around after kid's sport and taking all the football club photos...with some paid ones for the local paper! Big news also, was my girl winning Coaches trophy at netball presentation,

My boy and I headed off to Mt Buller for a week on school snow trip,

...and my boy playing on the Melbourne Cricket Ground at half time on AFL match day..

With the local football season coming to a close last weekend, i am very hopeful of lots of sewing. Here are some optimistic recent purchases...can you tell hancock's had free postage???

Little golden book cats, cat fabrics, trains....

I love the black knitting sheep! And the chooks of course.

Of course, the only question now is where to start????

Have a great day, back soon, I promise!