Sunday, April 15, 2012

Waiting, waiting, son just home from the Geelong/North game with the neighbours...very disappointed with the result, I am as well, (I would have got 9/9 for my tipping 2 weeks in a row!) I am waiting as well, at midnight, for One direct*n to come on the Logie daughter is so patiently waiting to continue to scream with excitement....oh the joys of teenagerdom! So I'll share the buttons I got on a "buy these bags full of stuff for $2 table" at spotlight...opened my two bags and found all this stuff! Even the singer button for my singer collection!
I would love to say that there is heaps more sewing to show, but it's been a busy week of holidays...with nieces and nephews sleeping over..and great nieces visiting for plays...and two woolshed photo shoots ...and a full day of football photos.
So, I usually always manage to rein in my weight at least once a year, I think in the last 5 years, I would have lost 6 kgs every year...the same 6! Imagine if all that 30 was gone..nah, that would be too skinny...I just want the 6 gone how do you fit it in? I haven't had much time so decided to combine 2 baskets of ironing(=3 hours!) with my stepper! And I would also like to add...why is ironing so painful when it isn't just pretty fabric?? Anyway, better go, hamish has just won the gold logie (YAY!) and one are on! can't you hear the screams!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Of dogs and babies..

A Happy Easter to everyone today, we spent it with the extended family and I found out I am going to be a God mother again, so probably could have saved his quilt for a fortnight's time! He may even get something else now I am on a roll. This will be my 4th Godchild, 3 boys and 1 girl...they get spoilt rotten! Godmothers can do that.
The picture is the blanket my little grand nephew received today in lieu of eggs. I wonder who can guess his name...and by the way, 6 weeks old and doubled in size...a pound a week! His Mum is shrinking as he puts it on!
My niece on the other side loved her new dog blanket.....the dog was not so sure! But as the dog's middle name is "long suffering the dog-addicted-3 year old" that level of excitement was in many ways expected.
And on the dog front, huge news for us...Archie has a buddy! He is coping very well with the new Border Collie addition who arrived yesterday.
My boy is in love!
A safe and blessed Easter to you. xx

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Chook quilt all!!!!

I well and truly have my quilting mo-jo back....The chook quilt is all done-tied and bound and ready to keep me warm on the couch this winter. I am very happy with it. It turned out to be about 2.3m x 1.7 metres in size. I am in a hurry to get off the computer to get a dog quilt done by tomorrow and a baby name one done by Sunday, it's nice to be back!

Also been making Raspberry fig jam...easiest recipe in the world. Just equal parts figs (mashed) with sugar, then add in a heaped desertspoon of raspberry (or strawberry ) jelly crystals to about every 2 cups of sugar. It looks, tastes and sets great!

Lastly, proof that little boys do in fact grow up.(But don't change!) Top photo is my boy playing with the new tractor 5 years ago, and bottom is now.

Better run, have a great day! Tracey