Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sheep and more sheep

Hi, anyone still out there...can't believe that it is 6 weeks since I last posted already. If I tell you what i have been busy with will you forgive me?? The camera!! So many photography jobs to be fitted in around the normal stuff. The only sewing is for Chooky's secret santa swap and of course I can't show that....oh and some chook wheat bags and pot holders, but forgot to photograph them...amazingly!
Shearing has been and gone for another year. I took a lot of photos and posted a few on the net and now have a two page layout in a magazine in December. Very excited about that. That has started another photography project...I finished cooking for our woolshed, loaded the wool and the truck and I headed off visiting other woolsheds...with an idea of a book. Have done well over a dozen sheds already and am getting very good responses to my photos so in about a year....or 100 woolsheds, hopefully a book!
Here are a few of our of ram shearing to give you a preview.

Not just taking photos of sheep though, a few other things thrown in for you...

Getting close to summer at the beach...

Last night's sunset after my boxing class.

My frizzle rooster who is belted up and friendless in my chookyard...well except for me.

And a dandelion...big one...from the back of our lake

Also found and relocated this young fox.

I'll leave you with a woolshed photo i can share because you can't see a face...hope you are all great....Tracey