Thursday, July 01, 2010

10 years of (mostly) joy!

The sun sets on 10 years....

10 years of often very hard labour!

10 years of constant cuddles..

10 years, the first 4 years of which he did not sleep all night for!

10 years of blonde rascal cuteness

1 year (the last) of being able to raise one eyebrow to get his own way!

10 years of constant activity

10 years of love

10 years of preferring not to wear clothes, or as few as absolutely physically and legally necessary!

10 years of noise, now often focussed as singing...and the ability to remember the tune and words to every song he hears.

10 years of the muddiest knees I have ever seen!

10 years of preferring to not be separate from his mother!!

10 years of forgetting me once he's with his friends!

The last few years of attempts to 'work" me with frequent compliments of, "have you lost weight, you sing beautifully mummy darling, wanna cuddle on the couch gorgeous..."


Where'd those 10 years go???When did I stop having to watch Bob the Builder (and start doing it just by choice..hee. hee!!) Now I want those small years back, it all went too quick, did I make the most of it? Who knows, with no sleep, 'twas all a haze!
Happy birthday DS, I'd do it all again...well, not now!!! But theoretically 10 years ago!
Remember, this week you have a chance to win some to wrap presents, boy, hope I have a card!!LOL!!


Doodlebug Gail said...

What a lovely photo - time sure does pass quickly. Enjoy the celebration.

Needled Mom said...

Happy birthday to DS!! Now we are into the double digits. Those years do go by so quickly. We had a new granddaughter last evening - almost ten years to the day after your son.

Julze said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome young man! I loved reading your post describing your 10 year journey with him :-)

Calidore said...

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous boy. What a handsome young man. 10 years old is a milestone and if you think those years went fast - brace yourself for the next

Ali Honey said...

Good photography there. ( he's very photogenic - guess that helps )
The next 10 should be just as much fun !!!!

AnnieO said...

What a cutie! Those irresistable moments of his "little" years will always be with you. Happy birthday to your young man.

Chocolate Cat said...

What a gorgeous photo! My baby turns 16 on Thursday!!

Margaret said...

Yes it is true the years go by so quickly, handsome fellow.
Happy Birthday and he sure looks happy enough. Soon you will be trying to remember how Bob the Builder went.

Quilting Melodies said...

Time goes by so fast. Definately enjoy the little moments. Have a great day!


heartspun said...

Wait til he getting married and having babies of his own. I look at my sons (i have three) 2 married, one with two little ones and the other with one on the way and think where did time go and when did they grow up I miss thoose years no matter how hard they where. Enjoy because soon you'll be dancing with him on his wedding day wondering where the years went.

Ruth's Place said...

Such a handsome boy! Your post about him was lovely

Just caught up on your quilt retreat posts. Looks like it was very productive. I really like the black, white and red one.