Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ode to Tabitha and apologies.

Apologies firstly to my new Maverick ring who are wondering why they are getting more animals than quilts, but it is School holidays here and life is too short with my darlings to spend my days hidden away in the studio. Quilts back soon!

Doesn't Tabitha she look cute in this pic taken on Sunday week? She was in the dolls bed and had the favourite old quilt over her. Well now for the heartbreak; I fed her and put her out the door for a play on Monday morning and we haven't seen her since.

She had been spending a little bit of time in the backyard as she had ideological issues with her cat litter and was using the floor next to it!! But she kept very much around the door.

DD is very upset about her baby and I am as well, especially as this is our 4th cat to disappear in 12 months and we live in the middle of nowhere!

I found myself turning into my father recently with some bracing, "it's character building" quotes and discussions on all of our cats chasing and playing in the happy hunting ground. A huge amount of my childhood pets went playing there!!

DH and I had the unenviable task of pulling off the pool cover for a search a few days ago....thank goodness we didn't find her there.

So enjoy her picture, I envisage kittens (again!) in the near future.

Next picture is of the little darling that has dared to be eating my chooks. We had tried to get him but to no avail and then last night he decided to eat a rotten pear in my MIL's possum relocator trap. Foxes never do this! Anyway, now he is relocated and the chooks breathe again. If there is anyone out there with issues about this you should see my chookyard after these menaces have killed everything for the sake of it. Tracey


Tonya R said...

This is heartbreaking - no more letting kittens outside!!! please, I beg you, your daughter begs you. indoor kitties only!

Kim said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your missing kitten! I do hope she turns up.

Dawn said...

Sorry to hear about Tabatha, and as nasty as your visitor is, you still have to admit they are beautiful aren't they!

Ruth's Place said...

So sorry to hear about you cat. I hope she turns up.

I've no problem with trapping the fox, you didn't kill it just relocated it. Foxes are a menace to chickens and to our native animals.

Libby said...

Hope your kitty is just hiding out - and comes home to you quickly.

Clare said...

Oh Tracey - how dreadful. Having just gone through the missing cat syndrome too I know exactly how you are feeling. She certainly won't have been foxed as they don't go for cats. I wonder if she is holed up somewhere, too scared to come out. Glad you caught Mr Tod. They do the most awful damage and, yes, I agree you about the mess. If it has been me he would not have been relocated, he would have been shot (sorry).

Lois R. said...

Sorry to hear about the missing kitty. Perhaps the little guy in the trap is the culprit? I'm with Tonya -- no more outdoor kitties!

By the way, I loved your 9-patch/HST combinations. They are fantastic -- both ways. Gorgeous!

Tazzie said...

Oh gosh, I am so sorry about your kitty. Has she come home yet? I have my fingers crossed for you.