Monday, April 30, 2007

A request
Doing a fair few Mother's day things at our craft day on Wednesday, do you have a good saying about Mother's, friends, women in general from fridge magnets, cards or quilts you have seen? Sharing them in the comments would be most appreciated, Thank you!


joyce said...

The sock bags are a great idea. Mine would be full. Lol. I once met someone who claimed never to have lost a sock. Hmm... I didn't believe her.

May Britt said...

Perhaps you can use some of these sayings:
"M" stands for Mom NOT Maid!
*Mom when thoughts of you are in our hearts we are never far from home.
*Mom your love tucks me in a keeps me warm
*Mom you taught by example I learned by love
*Mothers are flowers in the garden of life
*Mothers are real angels
*A mother holds a special part of all that is treasured in the heart.
*A mother's love is the heart of the home

anne bebbington said...

My eldest brought home a keyring for me from a school trip last summer - it reads:
Totally addicted to my mum - top lady, my Mum. Helpful caring and kind, she's always there for me, no matter what.

Not particularly witty or snappy but it always makes me smile when I pick up my keys :o)

Carol said...

Awww Tracey, the only thing I can think about my mum is that she is my best friend.

Anne said...

Hi again, Tracey! I just ran into this saying at Hearts and Pines online quilt shop: "A good mother is like a quilt. She keeps her children warm, but doesn't smother them."

Sorry, can't think of any more right now...