Monday, April 02, 2007

My babies.
Some photos of the new calves to share today. There ended up being 19, I must be a sucker for punishment! I realised that today, when I was doing my best rodeo impression and had to basically straddle each one to get them to suck on their milk calfeteria. That is usually the case on the first try and they then know what to do next feed but it took an hour and a half (as did I mention there are 19!) Some are close to 3 weeks old and very strong. I will be heading for a long hot shower very shortly!
The kids 'helped' feed which basically entailed them chasing the dog but I can't complain as DD actually made pancakes from scratch for breakfast this morning while her mother may have been sleeping in. I went to bed amazingly early for me but I just can't put The Time Traveller's Wife down. Can't believe it was the author's first book either.
Did some shopping at the Fat Quarter shop last night-just popped over there for a little buy-up (or as good as.) Also did a little bit of damage at the Jim Shore site as well. I'll look forward to sharing the purchases. It still amazes me that I can be shopping in the US from my little farm in Australia but then everything about the Internet amazes me.
Happy sewing while I go and rest my weary body before starting more strudel and pickles.
ps. My Essendon Bombers, who languished near the bottom of the AFL football ladder last year have started with a very unexpected win. At least that is one!


Kim said...

This city gal thinks those calves look mighty cute and I'm tempted to say "only 19"? Well, except I gather it's all hard work! LOL! Congrats on your team! Yeah!

Carol said...

What gorgeous photos. They are just too darn cute, have you named them? LOL

Libby said...

So nice that you have the helpful hands of your young'uns - those calves are going to keep you on your toes *S*

Darcie said...

Welcome to the Maverick-world, Tracey! It's good to have you with us!

Love your darling pics of your children and your knew four-legged babes too. There's nothing that says Springtime more than newborn calves and sheep and foals scampering around in the pastures, is there!

Susan said...

Hi, Tracey,

If it were *my* older son at six, I would have taken him. It would have been right up his alley.

It doesn't have any more violence than Star Wars, there's no swearing, no kissing, no anything objectionable. There are some fight scenes, you see some people knocked down, arrows going in, that kind of thing, lots of people on bridges that collapse, but no realistic blood.

If he is the kind who easily gets nightmares, you might want to think twice, simply because of the scene with the dragons fighting, but otherwise, I wouldn't worry about it. It really depends on your son. You can rent the movie and watch it first, while he's at school. =) Or if it isn't on DVD and is still in theaters there, you might take a chance.

Susan said...

I see you got your new babies! I love the human babies. =)

Ruth's Place said...

Such cute cows!

Chookyblue said...

Someone who like me takes pics of their babies. They are always so cute. I love them. Kids and baby animals is just so special.