Saturday, April 14, 2007

Thinking blogger nominations take some thought.

Okay, it is a few days since Anne at Quiltoholicker nominated me for the Thinking Blogger award and it is now my turn to nominate five more. (Of course Anne knows she is inspirational so doesn't need more accolades.)

What a difficult task for someone who wont even put her favourite links in her sidebar! (But very pleased to be tagged none the less.)

I will start by saying that I find everything about this blogging inspirational. It has meant that I can stay constantly motivated to produce quilts, improve my techniques and generally stay on task in many more ways than just those involving patchwork. I also see it as being like a diary entry that the fairies have written feedback on in magical pen when you wake and check it in the morning-and who didn't ever hope that would happen? Writing about the things you do when no-one ever sees is rather flat to me. This is great - and to all of you who regularly receive comments from this elf at the bottom of the World , rather than the garden, you constantly inspire me!

So...onto nominations and some of these may have already been tagged, that doesn't change my intentions.

Dawn, who was the first main blog I began to read and I was so desperate to comment on her fabulous work i had to join blogger-these posts all come from there. Your work, detail and techniques all ispire me to sew.

Dawn in Korea, a great read from a fabulously upbeat, enthusiastic and fun Mum and quilter who lives a life as an army wife that is so far from my realm. Her quirky Korean pictures to share are always just what I want to see.

Tonya, who thinks way ouside the box with her quilting and inspires me to try completely different techniques. I also like the way she handles setbacks-marvellous.

Finn, who makes me excited about the prospect that my future years can be just as full and wonderful as the life I am living now.

Patty, who is so full of project lists and organized stash that i am driven to my studio in a fit of re-organizing after almost every read. I also like that she makes lists and gets things done-all while watching sport.

Apologies to everyone else, especially Libby, who always makes me think the joys of a simple life.

And I will close with my joys, hugging their new joys-Isabelle and Fluffy General. And I promise the cat lovers that they will not be going outside. (We found poor little Tabitha and think it was a snake.....) I also promise a cuter close up. Cheers, Tracey


Owens Family Adventures said...

hahahahahaha That is sooo great!!! Thanks for the tag! You know it's funny cause I was telling myself if someone did nominate me for it you were going to be one of MY five!!! Go on over and're officially nominated my friend!!

Anne said...

Great to see you played along :o) I know it must have been a hard time picking out the five, and your choices def. deserved to be tagged! Take care!

Patti said...

Tracy, I am honored! Thank you so much for reading my blog. I always enjoy yours very much. I'm happy I can be an inspiration to you!

Tonya R said...

Thank you for the kind words. Sorry to hear about poor Tabby. I'm glad to hear the new sweeties will be staying inside.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I am sorry about the kitty! the pic of the kids with the new kitties are adorable!

Carol said...

Oh my gosh, your kidlets are adorable, your daughter's dimples are to die for!! Sorry to hear about your kitty, but the new baby kittys are very very cute. Do we have names yet?

Doodlebug Gail said...

What gorgeous kids you have - and those little balls of fluff, oh my goodness, I'd better not let my little Sweetie Pie see them. She is cat crazy and unfortunately her big brother is allergic! She told me that when she gets married she'll make sure that her husband is not allergic - LOL.