Friday, November 17, 2006

A November New Year's resolution!

Today's post is another one of those..."and now for something completely different" ones.It's time for a big change here! I'm not a depressive person but sometimes get weighed down with my responsibilities and especially getting things done right and just so. (Yes... desire to please, etc, etc,) But not anymore! I have realised that the weight aspect comes from putting off these more hated responsibilities-school swimming organising, funding applications, all farm bookwork, bill paying, business calls, everything that sounds too hard... I worry about it, let it hang over me and then it takes away my enjoyment of other stuff I do. (Read: patchwork, playing with kids, etc.etc.)

So, as of last night I have become a person who does the stuff as soon as it arrives or presents itself and I feel fantastic! Everything is faxed, lists are made, bills are paid, all swim parents are contacted, RSVP's are in and I feel free as a bird. If I am not careful I may even iron the clothes straight off the clothesline-oh wait, I've not changed that much! What would I do while I watch ER? ps, are they putting it on at odd hours over in the US, as this is upsetting my routine here-I have to watch taped episodes, and has Abby had her baby?

The sleepover went well. I am really, really genuinely pleased that he had a brilliant time and did not seem to miss me at all, really I am! But the fact that he did not want to hug me when I came in at 7 am to do the breakfast shift did upset me ever so slightly-especially when he then asked, 'wasn't I meant to be doing breakfast?' I said I was and he said, 'well why aren't you down in the kitchen then!?' Ok got the point and bid dignified retreat, realising this was only the first of many times. Sniff..maybe I'm not feeling that great anymore after all!

Something to cheer me up. This is one quilt that will never be given away. I made it on a weekend quilting retreat 2 years ago at Port Fairy-a cold old Winter weekend that was warm with sewing, friendship and laughter. I thought I took a 6 inch square from all my stash (then got home to find I had left out a few boxes of stash on top of the cupboard.) then I had a great time turning them into this quilt top. I was sick of giving away all my favourite fabrics and wanted a lasting memory of them. This worked really well for that. It lives folded up on my kitchen couch. I wish I had included those last boxes of fabric as then it would be big enough for my bed. I'm very naughty, the yellow border is not yet quilted ...and is coping with that neglect! The rest is done to enhance thae colour lines. Have a great day, it's pretty much the weekend here!


Libby said...

Love your new resolve. I find I stay much happier when I keep on top of things. I have to remind myself of that from time to time *s*

The Calico Cat said...

I like that quilt - & that is my rationale for charm/scrappy quilts; so I can have a record of them.

Finn said...

Hi Tracey, what a great self discovery you have made, and now are in a position to deal with aspects of it...right away! And as a person who has the very same "thing" going on, I can tell it's the best way to go.
The things I keep putting off because they seem hard, just get more and more power over me.
Best thing for me to get the task done as timely as possible..*VBS*
I love, love, love you spontanious 6" squares quilt !!! It's my kind of glad you have a record of your fabrics to enjoy. Hugs, Finn

Nancy said...

Love that wonderfully scrappy quilt!

I'm TRYING to do the "just do it now" thing. I do find those tasks generally take much less time to do than they did to worry about not getting them done. And you know occasionally I do even do the ironing right away. But it usually lives in the basket for at least a week - or until I need to wear it - before it gets done. LOL!

Elaine Adair said...

Hey, I'll say "Me Too" regarding the energy spent AVOIDING duties. It wears me out, and then when I finally get ahold of them, and actually DO the job, the weight is lifted, and I'm full of energy to do the pleasant things! Wahoo - freedom again. GOT to remember that!

LOVE that blue, half square quilt. Fast and easy -- great job.

Cheryl said...

What a great cozy, comforty quilt. I love scrap quilts for many reasons. One is that I like looking at that scraps from quilts that have been given brings back many memories and warms my heart to think of the quilts and people that the quilts went to.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

I like it too. It is vibrant to look at. Shame you missed some stash!