Sunday, November 05, 2006

They say never work with children or animals!!

And how true that is! I had a dream, a dream of putting Christ back into Christmas by dressing my children in some of the Sunday School costumes and using the pet calves, the pet lambs, the chooks, dog and cat for backdrops for my Christmas card photo. Well the cattle and sheep went crazy because of the dog and cat so are in no photos, every time the dog went over to the kids the chooks ran away and Yoda the cat took one look at the entire operation, scratched me and ran for his life!! Then we just decided on just Archie but everytime Archie smiled my children were either not paying attention or their costumes were falling off! I have 10 photos with Archie's rear end, another dozen or two with a chook and half a kid and I can only laugh- there is one relatively good one but you must realise you don't get your Christmas cards until much closer to Christmas. I've ordered my cards online tonight as near enough will have to be good enough. I shared a few photos with you so you too could experience the fun! (The soft tou horse is the donkey and the frill-necked lizard beanie kid just couldn't miss such a significant family event.)

So between all that fun, Church, lunch at the MIL's, a Breast Cancer girls night in and catching up with pregnant niece and working out her quilt choices, no sewing was done today. I have a big lunch thing here tomorrow so I also had to do that most terrible of things, housework!

Last photo is a little sad. It looks just like a ute with playground equipment on it but is in fact an end of an era. My babies got that the year of my boy's first Christmas and it has been well-loved but it had grown neglected as they had just....grown. So yesterday, after they finally agreed it needed to be loved by someone else, I loaded it up and delivered it to my little sister whose 3 yo and 18 m.o were beside themselves with joy. The 3 yo is telling everyone, 'Tracey bought me a park' and he rang me again today to thank me, I knew we had done the right thing and it was once again loved-as in the Velveteen rabbit, it's almost made real! But I still secretly wish my kids were still little and out in the backyard climbing on it!

Oh, got a nice self-closing cutter that actually cuts, those strips were a dream. I made them let me test theirs and mine in the shop on my purchases. I was not going home with a dud! Thank you for the advice, it was great. Anyone tried those blade sharpening tools? Have a GREAT DAY, Tracey


Libby said...

Your Christmas card idea is a great one - and the pictures are just priceless. It looks likes everyone had a fun time with it.

joyce said...

I have a blade sharpening tool and it works great. I now have to get new sandpaper for it somewhere though because I have used it a lot and it doesn't work as well now. It saved me a lot of money in new blades. I also need one for my larger blades too now. Well worth the investment for me, given the price of new blades aronud here.

Sue said...

Loved your idea for the Christmas card!
I think your photos would have been charming just as they were..

Melzie said...

aw the pics are very good and impromptu :) Sorry about the "park" :( I know thats bittersweet. xoxo melzie

Dawn said...

The kids are so cute trying to make the Christmas card! And the baby quilts are adorable!