Tuesday, November 28, 2006

As many turkeys leave us.......

I can actually hear my 10 little turkeys peeping in their shells tonight. Tomorrow, bar a thunderstorm (that kills them in their shells) or foxes getting the mothers, I should have little turkeys. I do not have the poultry equivalent of green fingers with Turkeys, I never seem to be able to get the little ones to adulthood. Hub thinks I am a sucker for punishment that I continue to keep them but I have always appreciated a challenge-or I would never have married him!

I am thinking I really need to have a little "post notes" piece of paper around the house for all the times I think, " could blog about that," because later when I sit at the computer I have forgotten!

It is well past midnight here, I have been putting Gratitudes together while hub is away again. I don't sleep that fabulously well when he is not here, so I normally get lots of sewing done. When he usually goes for up to a month I get a lot done but he gets home and my eyes are hanging out of my head with fatigue!

I was very naughty on Friday, I made a lovely little bag for an 8 year old's birthday and forgot to take a photo! I also spent yesterday at a Christening (for baby George, whose whole family loves his blanket) then had to dash to a quilting friends to try to put together 2 farewell gifts for our 2 quilt group members moving to new areas. I will definitely take a camera to our Chris Cringle dinner on Sunday to get a photo of these-Fruits of the Spirit stitcheries.

Pleased I didn't go to hard to get Gratitudes finished tonight as Blogger once again will not let me put up photos. I may try again tomorrow. Oops. just tried again and it's let me, I must have smiled nicely! This is my version of Underground railroad, copied from a picture. It is a metre by a metre as making it larger started showing some of the transgressions that come from having to make it up as you go along! I like it so it has stayed. It's made out of Sheridan sheeting remnants with an old eiderdown as backing and wadding. The whole thing cost me $1!.
Have a great day-oh, and the Quilt cleaned up quite well, thanks to all who were concerned... I didn't try too hard to get off the last little mark-that is so it pricks my memory in the old people's home in 50 years when I have dementia like my Nana!

Gratitudes should be the next post if daughter's tummy isn't troubling her tomorrow!


Libby said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for those little turkeys *s*

Elaine Adair said...

Show me the turkey eggs, show me the turkey eggs -- please! YOU are the closest person I know to being a real country gal -- I grew up on a farm but never had turkey eggs - only really stupid turkeys! What I love best about turkeys is that if you say "gobble, gobble" to them, they respond with the same stupid "gobble, gobble"! LOL

LOVE this just-posted project. Lovely and so graphic.

Shelina said...

This is a beautiful quilt. I am impressed that you could make it from a picture. It looks hard with the triangles.