Friday, November 24, 2006

An Australian day of Thanks.

I have been post surfing in the last few days and reading all about every-one's Thanksgivings in the U.S. What a fabulous reason for a celebration. We don't have anything like that here and I think that is kind of a pity because it is always great to give Thanks and it would also be lovely to catch up with all the family for something other than Christmas.

We have a family ritual every day about giving thanks, because focussing on the joys is very important to me.

When we all sit around the table for tea everyone takes turns talking about the best thing that happened in their day.-parents as well. This has been heartily embraced by the children and I have found it very illuminating to realise how little it takes to make the children happy. I often make the mistake of predicting the big things as highlights and it is an excellent lesson to hear that the main thing the children enjoy is the little things that we have done for them or special time spent.

Today I am preparing for a girl's day. The kids have report writing day off and hub had to go up North to the Harvest for a load of grain so he has taken his boy with and wont be home until tomorrow afternoon. This has caused great excitement and planning here. We are going to our favourite aniques and coffee shop in a little while for a Devonshire tea, then sewing together, a birthday party later in town and she is sleeping over in my room tonight-do you think chocolates and the portable DVD player in bed would be going too far?

The whole plan almost came crashing down at 6.30 this morning though. The boy awoke grumpy and said he'd miss his Mum. I have never seen his sister apply herself so fully to the task of breaking him out of it! It all ended well when he fully woke up.

I have posted a recent picture of my girl and me. (no, I haven't as blogger says he will but isn't! I'll try to add it later.)
Have a great Thanksgiving day.

I give Thanks for:
1. A healthy, happy family.
2. A very happy marriage.
3. Great old friends.
4. A new Blogging interest that has reinvigorated my Patchwork and bought new people.
5. Being born with optimism.
6. Living exactly where I want to be.
7. A comfortable home with lots of quilts.
8. My new sewing room.
9. Chooks and chocolate.
10. God, without whom there would be nothing.


Sweet P said...

Have a wonderful girl's day and night. Your daughter was a smart one to get her brother to go on the trip with his dad.

soccertxi said...

You are welcome to enjoy Thanksgiving with us EVERY year! I think the DVD is NOT over the top. Hope the girls had a great 'girls day.

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Askinstoo said...

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Shelina said...

I think it is a great idea to give thanks like that every day. Besides making you appreciate things, it lets you get to know your children better, and it teaches them how to communicate. Awesome!