Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A day you get to sew is a great day!

I actually accomplished a few projects today. Of course they were new things that distracted me rather than all those things I am tossing up for November goals but the Quilt Police have no idea where I live so who really cares!!
I decided that my swatches shouldn't languish to be distributed to quilt friends upon my death, instead they should be sewn into something and so they were, hence the star which should be picture#1. I added in about 4 more creamy plains. Just a note, I actually think it looks ok, the Junior female member of the quilt police who lives with me and pulls no punches thinks that it is not a star that anyone would want-the lack of hot pink upsets her!

The orange, green and black arrangement next to it occurred because I was cleaning up some little scraps from my floor and they begged to be sewn into something, rather than go in the bin-even the 1/2 inch strips! I think that they want to be called 'let the light shine in the darkness' but they may decide that's too long.

I am going to do Judy's 1 hour a day quilt so I cut and sewed strips for it out of my scraps. They still all have to be cross-cut and sewn together etc. but I did get a bit done. It will be fairly scrappy!

The last photo is of my succulents. I have recently become a big succulent fan. I love their interesting textures and I especially love how they require very little water to live. Speaking of rain, the radar is teasing me with promises of hailstorms and 1/2 an inch or more of rain. That would make my man so happy! And my poor roses. Except last year we had a big hailstorm and I went out and all my rose branches had broken off, sometimes I wonder why I bother...

Why contract Harvest?
To answer a question-We live right down the South of Australia, so our crops are usually not ready to harvest until January. Further North of here they are ready in November so my hub goes away to their harvest with the truck etc. then comes back to here for ours. This year is unusual, our crops are all actually being cut and baled right now, so he needs to be in 2 places at once. The North harvest is very scant though so he wont be gone long.

Joy in daily living today-some sewing done, my daughter bought me a Christmas present (and I'm pretty darn sure it's that chook beanie kid I had suggested repeatedly was cute!) and there is hope of rain! Have a great day, Tracey. ps, See, I managed to use colours, which should also be on my joys!


Tonya R said...

While I am a fan of hot pink myself, I think your star is gorgeous without it!

Libby said...

Good you decided to use your swatches -- no hot pink works for me, it looks like a star *s*

Angie said...

Tracey, I love your star!! And those strip sets that you've cut for the Nov. quilt look like a really good combo. :D

Sue said...

I'm not a quilter, but yours look lovely. Hope you get your needed rain. We're promised some for tonight also!

paula, the_quilter said...

I, too, am a big fan of succelents and sedums. I have a huge collection of sedums.

Dawn said...

Oh your star is gorgeous! And the other projects are great too! Off to finish catching up with your blog!