Monday, November 20, 2006

From one extreme to another!

This time last week we were preparing to have our coldest November day on record, 9 degrees celcius,(or about 48 Fahrenheit if my conversion calculator is to be believed!) It was snowing close to here! Now we have just seen today and yesterday pass 36 degrees celcius, (or 97 fahrenheit!) Today was of course the day my daughter went to School all day and I had 6 hours in the sewing room- a sewing room my husband offered to put air conditioning in but I opted to save money and have a fan instead. It wasn't so bad because I was very busy-very busy with something that is so close to finished that Iam not going to give into temptation on and post my progress. No, no, if you wait until tomorrow and I don't have to spend all day in town organising School stuff and swimming- you may see a finished quilt top!

Spent a lot of fun time in the pool this weekend instead of sewing, even the hub got in, much to the kid's delight-it really must be hot! we also went to my old local Agricultural Show. It's an hour and a half trip but I met my sister, her kids and Mum there so it was well worth it. A great little Show. The kids picked out a duckling and a big fat pair of quail to bring home as new pets. We really need new pets! It takes me an hour a day at least to feed and attend to them now.
Let's see how I go at preparing a list, -let's call this a farming wife's "Meme"!(let's hope hub never finds this blog and realises exactly what he is feeding!)

-About 40 normal mixed variety bush chooks. Everyone looks different and this 'good Shepherd' knows them all.
-4 pekin bantams
-5 silky bantams
-15 mixed roosters that need homes or to be soup. (Too amorous-lucky men don't meet that same fate!)
-6 good quality pretty roosters to stay.
-Trio of purebred frizzle bantams.
-7 frizzle crosses.
-I turkey gobbler and 1 turkey hen sitting on 10 eggs.
-Trio of Indian runner ducks.
-5 Khaki campbell ducks. (one sitting on 5 eggs.)
-4 Muscovy ducks.

-2 muscovy/Khaki cross 'mules' that the kids insist on keeping!
-1 chook sitting on 10 duck eggs.
-2 chooks sitting on eggs.
-7 chooks with broods of chickens (46 chickens total)
-11 young ducklings.
- 2 new quail and a duck!

-24 calves reared this year, one I am still feeding.
-6 pet lambs, thankfully weaned!
-Archie the dog.
-Yoda and General grievous, the cats.

Still room for enlarging there-unfortunately hub has drawn the line at a goose, goat or pig but we may bring him around. He seems to be under some illusion I have enough jobs!

Thank you for all the lovely comments about dad's quilt. It's obvious that you have all had similar 'good stuff' experiences as well. One day, when I'm hormonal, I'll tell you about the response I got to a quilt I made my MIL, but that's another story.....

The little bright quilt pictured was a way of playing with some leftovers from strip bags I made. I like it so it has not yet managed to be given away. It's an unusual size as well, a table centre or doll's bed throw really. Basically just an excuse to try a different technique. Have a great day and hopefully some good patchwork progress tomorrow.


joyce said...

Very nice colors on the little quilt. It sounds like you have quite the menagerie there. Maybe you could start a petting zoo.

Elaine Adair said...

Perky pink! Love those strings! Also, how fun to read of the farm-y posts.

McIrish Annie said...

Love your dad's quilt and I understand that it HAD to be made. I am sure that he really loves it.

as for ER, I have watched it since the first show. It is not being shown at weird times here and there have been no repeats this season as of yet. I don't want to give it away but Abbie will have her baby soon!!

how far back are you in the episodes?!! I don't want to spoil things for you but I could give you some juicy tidbits!!!

Judy said...

I saw your question about how to have the comments come to your email and thought I would post. When you go in to make a new post, hit Change settings like you do to work on your template. Pick the tab marked Comments: The last thing before the Save Settings button says: Comment Notification Address. This box is where you type in your email address. Then all the comments will come in your email as a post. and you can respond to people right from your email or not.

Dianne said...

Pretty quilt, Tracey! And thanks for your comments on my Lady of the Lake...couldn't thank you by e-mail because there was no link to your e-address.

BTW, we live in Exeter, NSW in the country and have 3 donkeys, 6 steers and will soon have our 7 cats who are in quarantine near Sydney. I notice you have cats, your cats bother the lizards in your yard? I'm worrying a little about the blue tongues we have. Also, what about your cats harass them? That could be dangerous to the cats, I know!

Sweet P said...

You have a lot of animals! Whew! That's a lot of work to take care of them.

I love the pink quilt. It's so bright and cheerful.

Dawn said...

Love your playing with the pink fabrics - it looks really fun! and boy - what temperature differences that was!