Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thank You!

I thought this blogging was great for my patchwork motivation but you are also proving amazingly good for the soul!

The encouraging words were great after a restless night spent trying to sleep on my girl's floor. She slept well and coped ok with the double blood tests. Some results are in this afternoon, 95% likely it's not appendix but as you know appendix rows it's own boat. The UTI and Coeliac tests are due tomorrow and full stools to be done as well. So it's all well and truly being looked into. Hub due home later tonight, he's definitely rushing back but not admitting it! I told him it's probably just a UTI but he's still keen to see her.

Anyway, all your nice words definitely mean you need some photos.

Here is my Gratitudes, attached to the 'wall of wonder' that is now doubling as the basting/tying wall. This is an idea I had to save by back-and knees-I'll be able to tell you soon if it actually works! My builder made it for me when he did the studio. Gratitudes is heading for the 2.5 metre square size-perfect for my bed. The borders are different to Judy's and a bit hard to see. I'll show another photo when it's tied.

A couple of cute little farming photos, feel free to jump straight to the cushion if you so desire.
I was hoping to get photos of the hatching process for you but the slight health crisis altered those plans. Anyway here the little turkeys are still wet. This is the 8 under a nice reliable clucky chook. Turkeys are unreliable sitters and ordinary mothers usually so I thought I took all the eggs off the savage beast but when I noticed she was still sitting a few days later I checked and saw she still had 2. They have hatched as well but I can't get anywhere near them without losing a limb!

The last photo is my cushion that I made for a play with some of my Moda bed quilt scraps. I'm playing with a few rose ideas and this was an offshoot of that. It's kind of a log cabin come crazy patchwork hybrid-I think it will look alright on the bed when the quilt is finished. I have made 3 different tops for this, I'm thinking of framing the other two, they look quite arty.

I think some r&r is in order, A double end of season episode of ER is on tonight and I think something happens to Luka-I like him so hopefullty they don't leave me dangling. I will be asking for info tomorrow if they do! Cheers, tracey


joyce said...

Glad to hear that your daughter is being looked after and hopefully it's not serious. My granddaughter had her appendix out last year and it was not that big a deal. She got sick in the night and it was done before morning. All very sudden, but I think it is different for different people. Hopefully, you don't have to find out.

Libby said...

I hope the best for your daughter - I had a troubled appendix in my youth. It was not fun.

Love your Gratitudes -- it's going to look great on your bed.

Melzie said...

YOur gratitudes looks great, mine is still at a snafoo standstill I need to get cracking. cute lil chicks or turks or whathaveyou lol. xoxo melzie

Lois R. said...

So sorry to hear that your little girl is not well. I'll keep my fingers crossed for her.

I love the Gratitudes quilt. Excellent color choices and it looks fantastic.

I LOVE the cushion cover. Spent a bit of time trying to figure out how it is done. I love liberated log cabins, so I'm especially interested. Can we see the other two you made? Please!

McIrish Annie said...

Like your rose pillow. I am doing something similar for a challenge quilt. can't show it yet but I am using the flip and sew technique by Valori Wells. do you have any of her books??

you are sooooo far behind in ER!! If you have any questions, email me. I've been watching since the beginning I can catch you up.

Doodlebug Gail said...

Oh my - you have your hands full don't you? Glad to hear that your daughter is in good hands and prayers that it is in fact just a UTI and nothing more serious.

Love your Gratitudes quilt - really absolutely lovely and what sweet looking little baby chicks.

Dawn said...

Hope everything turns out ok with your daughter. It is so hard to wait I know. I love the turkey pictures and your hour a day quilt is beautiful! I just love how that turned out.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Well you have been busy! I'm exhausted just reading it all. Hope your daughter is ok - often tummy pain is a UTI. Little turkeys are very cute. Has Yoda returned? The rose cushion is lovely too.

Elaine Adair said...

Great Tracey -- Here I am, checking out your blog, looking for the turkeys ... and as you can tell by now, sometimes, uh hem, I don't read ALL the words. I was expecting them to look like uhhh, little turkeys? Well I gues they DO look like little turkeys! Anyway, I saw the chicks and jes' figured they were little chicken chicks. My mistake!

Cheryl said...

How is your little girl now? Hope all is well with her and you! I LOVE your Gratitude quilt! You've motivated me to get going on mine! I just completed Hour #13 and am moving onto HOUR #14!! yippee! I'll post pics soon.

Shelina said...

Your gratitudes quilt is so pretty, and I especially like your cushion. Your bird looks like it is made out of batting/wadding. I guess I have quilting on the brain.