Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A great find!

I had 10 minutes to kill yesterday when I went into town to pick up my girl from School so I thought the least damaging to my waistline or purse was to check out an Op Shop.
My treasure was the red and blue Chenille bedspreads pictured. I picked up the lovely butter yellow one a few weeks ago from another Op Shop. The price was $10 for the mint condition butter yellow and $6 each for the red and blue. I added some extra, seeing it's a good cause and I'm happy with my finds. I've been wanting to make a chenille quilt but baulked at the prices. These new high priced fabrics are beautiful but I feel like using them all the time is slipping away from the patchwork point. I hope to get something that could go back to charity from these and something for myself and others. I'm going around to a friend's this morning to share and work out a plan for it!

Update on my Gratitudes: Doing an extra 8 blocks to make it bigger has upset my time frame but I think that the end result should be worth it. Thank You to my assistants with colours, you reinforced my feelings about the darker red and hopefully in a few day you will see what it looks like. -(And I know I still need a few more borders around those top blocks!)

Nature update: we received a whole 8 points of rain here yesterday but more may come. Due to the drought, a flock of Brolgas are using our teeny little dam on the way to the bus for wetlands. They tend to fly away if I get out of the car near them but I am desperately trying to get you a photo without upsetting them. I probably need to camouflage myself and hide in the grass but that could be the end of any chance of sewing today! You should see them dance in the twilight... Have a great day.


Angie said...

Lucky girl, finding those chenille bedspreads, and at great prices! I agree with you on the high priced fabrics, and also that it's as far from *make-do* patchwork quilts as one can get.

Libby said...

What a smart way to collect chenille for your project. I should try to be more clever with my shopping. You give me ideas *s*

The Calico Cat said...

Those chenilles are neat - how do you plan on using them? (totally new concept to me to use chenille in quilting...)

Dawn said...

Oh your blocks look wonderful! And how perfect those bedspreads will be!

Susan said...

I love your quilt blocks. I haven't seen one in all browns yet, and that looks just lovely.