Monday, November 13, 2006

A mixed bag today.

The daughter has gone on the bus this morning to attempt half a day's school and it is trying to rain here so the joys are major. Some parts of the state and country have received very nice rain, it has successfully missed us but at least there is some refreshment for the badly hit areas.

A few different photos for you today.Quilts should be back tomorrow! The Calico cat very nicely assisted me with where to put my counter, as did Cynthia. Thank you. Here are the promised cat photos in gratitude.

The first one, all being equal, is Yoda and Archie in their usual cuddled up position. Yoda and his mate, General Grievous ,(yes, I successfully made my children into Star Wars lovers like their mother-I didn't put that on my profile as I don't think this is quite the site those fans would be googling for!!) both arrived here about last April after a lot of desperate searching to replace the much-loved Gingerfluff whose gingerness may have seen him mistaken for a fox! He went missing and there were lots of tears and lots of searching for a replacement. In desperation, we took these two but they were in a terribly poor condition, wild and coated with fleas. I spent over an hour a day on them for the first week, bathing them, then picking off all the fleas with tweezers because I didn't think they would survive any harsher treatments. As you can see, they have thrived. General is still fairly timid so he is only included in a first week photo. He comes in at night when he knows my boy is asleep.... I wonder why?? About 4 weeks after we got them I finally let them out. They had been out about an hour and I came up to the office(near the pool) to check my emails and I heard a terrible noise like a possum. I thought a possum was drowning in the pool and ran out to find Yoda! He was stiff, cold and his stomach was 3 or 4 times it's size and he was doing that death roll kind of noise. Anyway I wrapped him in a towel, warmed him slowly until about 1 am in the morning, locked him in a box with a water bottle and the general for the night and came out in the morning to find the kids playing with him as good as new. He seemed to be called Lazarus for a good while after that and has never gone anywhere near the pool again!

The last picture is a great idea that a friend brought to Saturday's morning coffee. I t was a huge success with the kids who all said they were having a cuppa as well. It is just a marshmallow stuck to a tic-toc biscuit with a touch of icing, then she decorated them with little icing stars or 100's and 1000's, like this one. The handle is a lifesaver lolly cut in half and joined on with some more icing. Too easy but great.
Well, I'm off to clean the house so I can go sewing. Have a great day.


The Calico Cat said...

Oh what a cute Yoda kitten! Big fluff ball... Make you want to (never mind... I am probably the only person the nuzzle cat bellies..)

Finn said...

Hi Tracey, wanted to pop over and see where you call home..*VBS* Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment.
About the rag rugs, I'm not sure if it's the same as Green Gables or not. I do have both videos, but don't remember the rug part. I'll have to watch them again to see if I can catch it. I always see the great quilt on Anne's bed tho...*VBS*
I saw them first on Darcie (Longarmed quilter and hand dyer on the Mavericks list in case you haven't met her) I think it was mid June or mid July.
I took out my Better HOmes and Gardens book called Rug Making, it says a K hook, and I had lots of leftover 1.5" strips from bindings. I began with a chain 6..7 might be needed depending on your fabric.
I've typed out all the directions for Angie of ThreadCatcher, and if you want to drop me an email I'll attached them and send them to you. Otherwise as soon as I can, I'll look back through my blog to the post postings and first rug.
It's lots of fun and almost anything goes..even older bed sheets or cotton skirts or curtains, etc..*VBS* Hope that helps, Hugs, Finn

Pam said...

Look at those cute little marshmellow coffee cups. darling!! What is a tic-toc biscuit?

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Askinstoo said...

Just Thought I'd Say Hi!!!!

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Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Another wonderful use for 100s and 1000s.