Thursday, November 16, 2006

A land of ice ...and rain... and even snow!

Brrr, did those clouds ever pull through!. We ended up with the coldest November day on record, hail, rain and snow down to 500 metres. This climate change thing is too confusing! We received almost 70 points or 17mm and I enjoyed spending the best part of the day sewing warm quilts with my heater on and watching hilarious episodes of the English comedy, Vicar of Dibley.

The results are pictured here. Two chenille quilts, with normal cotton fabric prints in between. Nice and simple but I think they are quite effective. As you can see they are mostly done with just a few outside borders still to be attached. In the top one I have included a cheap and handy sewing tool, as requested by Angie. (or was it Libby... anyway..) It is a huge ruler, over 1.2 metres or over 50 inches . It has metric and imperial on it and a handle and I use it all the time for squaring up big quilts and big anything! I purchased it for $15 in the farm tools section of a field day and it's great. My other favourite tool is that little quarter inch foot that changed me from idiot to someone slightly advanced from that!

My girl is managing her half days O.K but sleeps for an hour at least after I pick her up. I think they will have to continue for a while yet. My boy is on his first excursion and School sleepover today, so excited-he was up and dressed at 6 am! He seems to be coping alright with the idea of no Mum, we'll see!

Oh, I included a picture of Yoda self-serve shopping! I suppose it has entertainment and nutritional value, what better pastime could a cat have?

An Add-on: Tic -toc biscuits are lovely little biscuits iced white, yellow or pink with a clock face set on the other side! I'm sure that any pretty iced biscuit would do for the "cups of tea".


Angie said...

Wow, what a ruler!! Love it!! Wonder if we can find something similar here in the U.S. Your quilts are great! Isn't Yoda cute...and self-sufficient! LOL

The Calico Cat said...

My cats are super nosey too!

Libby said...

Your chenile quilts came together very nicely. They will be so comfy-cozy.

Tonya R said...

It's amazing how much your Yoda looks like my Habibi (who's Egyptian). Bibi has more white than this, and is a lot fatter, but he'd definitely be helping himself to something yummy too.

Sweet P said...

What bright and happy quilts. I bet they helped to make the weather bearable.