Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What to spend it on?

Wow, feeling totally rich today, just counted my egg money and there is $299!!

My egg money is my special savings for somewhat frivolous items that I do not absolutely need,( a salve to my conscience!!) The last big purchase was actually some calves because the man wanted cash, so I have put a few frivolous things on the mastercard since then to balance it out! Before that was my old sewing machine table. I had searched and saved for ages (because saving makes you appreciate it so much more) and was thinking that I really wanted to 'save' one, but people wouldn't let me save any, one house I visited had a beautiful Singer machine in one of the really good 6 drawer wooden cabinets on her verandah!!. Turned out it was her SIL's, and of course she wants it-but as of a week ago, after 2 years, it was still on the verandah!

As no-one was willing to let me save theirs and do it up, I kept searching until last year when the girls took me to our local antiques and coffee shop for my birthday and I found one that wasn't too dear and even though it didn't have the machine it had the lovely wrought legs and begged to be loved at my house. It now graces my entrance way and I love it. I also loved it that all the girls came back to the shop the following week for the paying and pick-up party!! The quilt in the photo was a friendship strips one with our group. I did on strip then it got passed around the group for the next 8 months and everyone matched the theme to certain monthly instuctions, ie size, incl. a home, have applique etc etc. I then put all the strips together and even hand quilted a lot. ( I had the flu!) I should try to get some photos of the other girls', they are all incredibly different.

MMmm, still thinking of a plan for those money box contents, perhaps I could just go in a fabric shop and say "$299 worth of mixed fabrics please?" Now that would be frivolous-but what fun!!

Sharing sewing rooms seems to be the thing at the moment so tomorrow I will gave you the virtual tour of mine. Here is it in it's "just made" condition a few months ago. Tune in tomorrow to see if it still looks like that!

Off to watch 7 brides for 7 brothers again with daughter, how great is that show and how nice are the quilts! I had completely forgotten it had quilts, or perhaps last time I saw it I still watched the people and didn't take more interest in the quilts in the background!!

Joy in daily living today, well the past few days- big Melbourne Cup Day lunch yesterday with friends, sad 2 are moving to Queensland but happy for them. Musical movies that also include quilts! The prospect of an afternoon sewing. Also I got the phone call yesterday that my book sponsorship is all go. Now I just have to work out the press and publicity. Cheers. tracey


Patti said...

Love that movie - but I'd forgotten about the quilts also! I'll have to watch it again. I wonder how true to reality the patterns are. Since it was made years ago I'm betting we see some 1930's patterns like Double Wedding Ring when it's supposedly the 1800's!

Patti said...

Can't reply to your email - you are set to "no reply" - so I'm back here. Don't you wish you could have seen into the future and started collecting all those old quilts before they were "discovered" by the "public"? Heirlooms worth thousands of dollars now could be picked up for $10 or less. $10 bought a whole lot more then - but not all that much more!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the visit and comment. Is it tomorrow yet???? I cannot wait to see your sewing room!! I just came from our barn where I've been working on what I hope to be a quilting studio soon. Looking forward to your pics!

Libby said...

Seven Brides ... is a musical I haven't watched over and over. Will have to see if I can pick it up at the library. Can't wait to see your sewing room *s*

The Calico Cat said...

(Sorry I could not reply about the neocounter - I don't have your e-mail.)

Copy the hyper link, Go to your template and scroll down to where it says "google news" & "edit me" stick the neocounter in right before those.

Dawn said...

Oh I love that movie and haven't thought about it in a long time - now I have to go rent it! I LOVE that sewing table! I kind of like just the legs and top like that - what a great idea! I love it!

Susan said...

7 Brides - the original old musical? I loved the music from that, if we are talking about the same thing.

Your table is wonderful! Even without a machine, it is a lovely piece of furniture. And who knows? You might still find one that needs saving!

Is your egg money really from eggs? =)