Saturday, May 21, 2011

Update 3...just!

Okay, will get in by a few minutes to make this a third daily post.

Kids footy and netball team had the bye today, so made a quick dash to my sister's.

She has a beautiful new dog, has been rehomed by the breeder due to circumstances. And boy, has it fallen on its feet, very much adored by her little family. She knew a pup was out of the question at this stage, with the kitten monster still on the loose, so it had to be a grown dog. So well trained, wont even eat until you tell it...perfect! My sister wants me to go on the breeder's list, for when Archie passes on-I can't imagine no Archie, and am just taking him to the vet next week to see what we can do about his arthritis...he is NOT being replaced!

Doesn't the dog look loved by the kitten monster!

Been having a little play with the new florals, and finding them a little tricky, how often matching florals me!! The creative one in me wants to bring in hot pinks and a bit of out there colour, but this is only meant to be a simple, quick play, resulting in a very basic shabby chic baby rug....why am I mucking around with it then!

Pink chenille or white...see why I'd like a hot pink border around each block...they seem lost...but that is the romantic fashion.

I stopped pulling my hair out and just whipped upthis one for a bed, cute, huh.

NO, just jokes, not really, that's Barbie in there!! Sleeping in the Doll's house, she has standards, so got a new quilt, this is it's star quilting below.

Now, you were getting more photos tonight but blogger is playing up and cutting out, so there will be some farm pics tomorrow, got some cuties to show you. I am off to see my boy play in some rep. football matches tomorrow, am taking sewing and the camera, should fill in the day!

Hope your day is great, and remember, a comment in my 7 days of posts, enters you in the comp!


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Surely you are in your PINK period!

Needled Mom said...

I like the floral, romatntic look.

What a wonderful dog!

I had to do my last post with Windows Live Writer because Blogger was so bad!

Narelle said...

I think the pink chenile but the white looks nice too.
Good luck with the footy games.

Margaret said...

pink definitely pink chenile. How could you go past pink after seeing the adorable friends in white and pink.

Anonymous said...

I like the soft pinks in the quilt. Pretty.