Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Felt, farm and family.

Almost forgot to share some recent wool felting. we did these for the school market, beautifully soft and warm. Love the bright colours. They are just done with the bubble wrap, warm water, detergent and lots of rolling method.

Migraine headache ended hopes of getting too much done today. On a better note, just got a call to say I have a football photo in the rural newspaper, The Weekly Times, today. I am taking a lot of sports photos lately...another time sucker! But lovely to see people's reactions to the photos. They usually go in our little local town newsletter, and in the local football program.

Here's a few of my boy from his last how he "thinks" with his tongue, my grandfather used to do that too

Everyone loves a bit of affection? Well, these two do! This was the bright spot of my morning!

And to leave you..with your busy lives, take a minute to view a traffic jam in my world. Thsi was us shifting cattle yesterday across the main road! And also, congratulations to nancy in Philadelphia, my daughter drew your name, now you need to choose between sunflower charm pack and the Bluebonnet trail! Next one drawn tomorrow..and remeber all commenters are entered in the big one!
Can you help me, anyone seen musical, Love never dies? Dd loves Phantom, should I get tickets for this?


chook said...

love the pics again fantastic hope you are feeling better now
ugs Beth

Margaret said...

Those photos are going to make great cards.

I was going to ask about that way of felting and thought nah --- enough on the plate at the moment. I'LL call back next year for the instructions

Sarita said...

I love the photos. So glad you're feeling better.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Well, after your wonderful photos, how could I NOT choose Sunflowers! Thank your daughter SO much for picking me!!!!