Sunday, May 22, 2011

I know I am a softie!

But how could you leave this beautiful, abandoned baby to risk the elements!!Posted by Picasa

Home wet, cold and with a splitting headache from a long day in antarctic conditions at the football carnival, but still have to do the jobs...headed out between showers to check my sheep. I have made a conscious decision to walk around one lambing mob so i am combining a job with exercise. Takes me around 40 minutes at a brisk walk to do this one paddock, then I do all the others on the motorbike. I love the walk, especially with the camera, but any day

Archie has been just waving me good-bye from the fence with his ageing body, but came with today...he confuses the heck out of the sheep!

It has come home to join these two

and this one...

The lambs are joining my 7 big babies (to say nothing of the ones in the house!!) These are now 3 weeks old, but still sucking up as much of my quilting time as milk!

Very messy at that they are, as well.

Was talking about the new additions the other day at Bible Study, (but not for Bible study!) most of the other mums are younger than me, still having babies and thus at home for day time Bible study...unlike me who slides in off the motorbike with a lamb rather than a baby on the back!! Something then got us onto James herriot books, I adore James Herriot...funnily enough!! The other girls had seen the BBC shows and read some of the novels but never seen the kid's books of the best stories.

Home to dear Google, I found they were out of print, but thanks to my other friend, dear eBay, these ones are all on their way here. I have some, like the Market square Dog, Bonny's big day and Blossom come home (personal fave!!) but I have wanted the rest...including the Christmas day ketten whose pic didn't want to upload, for ages, and I was very pleased to get them reasonably. I am planning on giving the copies of the ones i already have to the girl who hosts the study, for the sheer fact her enthusiasm means I only ever have to slide in, not clean and host!!

Anyone else seen them? They are truly beautiful..and firmly ensconced in my section of the kid's book library that never gets handed on forever.

My relationship with ebay brings me to another good friend today. I haven't been on Ebay for probably 18 months, but as soon as I got on the other day, twas like I'd never left! From searching for james Herriot I moved to fabric, to interesting quilt tops, to a few favourite authors, and before I knew it my friendship with ebay was refreshed! This hasn't just worked with eBay, reconnected with my lovely friend Suse the last few days, and just like eBay, but much, much nicer, it is just like old times!! Handy that she has kept up via the blog, but just lovely to have a friendship you can recapture so quick! love ya Suse!! And promise to stay in touch!!

Betetr go to bed, still battling to feel warm after today, remember commenters are in the draw..and have a great day! Tracey


QuiltingFitzy said...

A baby ANYTHING is cute! I could NEVER just leave one behind.

I've never seen those books, but I sure love to read! I'll check them out at the library soon.

Love reading your blog; love peeking into your life and all your busyness! Wish we could be neighbors.

Kim said...

What a long day on the farm, but so rewarding to rescue this lamb and others who are left mommy-less. You always have so much to do in so many areas of life - no idea how you keep up, but you do so and very well indeed. Hope you've warmed up by now. :-D

YankeeQuilter said...

I so miss the lambs that lived around our village in England...

I still have a few of the J.H. books...Bonny's day out is my favorite.

Margaret said...

Following in the footsteps----

lamb around the shoulder and bringing good news.

Calidore said...

I wouldn't have been able to leave that tiny bundle out there in the paddock either. I still remember Grandma opening the doors to the wood fired oven and out popped live lambs - she had put them in there to warm up and was feeding them brandy and milk...vbg. Hope you have warmed up now and all is well in your part of the world.

Narelle said...

You've got your hands full there but they are just so adorable.
Too precious to leave out in the elements without mum to take care.

Clare said...

I remember James Herriott. Still got the novels, but they seem very dated now.

Hope you are warmed up.