Thursday, May 26, 2011

Here comes your block, Nancy.

Nancy, near Philadelphia, is making a cow quilt from donated blocks from bloggers around the world. There was only one cow I could do for Nancy, and that is one who mimics my 'cows in quilts' photos, so here is Nancy's block, almost ready to go.

Stitched with a hand that has a shocking case of dermititis, I wont spoil your meal by showing you, but something has upset my right hand, could be milk powder, or wheat dust, or from picking figs...even my hand cleaner. Whatever it is, it's all cracked and sore...but no trouble stitching for you Nancy!! I managed to go to boxing tonight by putting some emu oil on, but has anyone a good natural remedy?

And also, still, any feedback on the musical sequel to Phantom, Love never does? Should we go?

I have also finished this little play, i was trying out my latest ruler purchase, now I just need to work out how to make a whole quilt with the block. fabrics came from my scrap bag, love scrap bags.
Any good tutes anywhere for this spider web look?

I like it, intend using it for a table runner.

A few little dragonfly photos for you, I have never seen a year like this for dragonflies, so much water I suppose, but amazing to see.

Congratulations to Margaret, lucky commenter who gets to choose from the chook sewing tool organizer, or the quilter memories one.

And lastly, prayers please for my little niece who is spending a few days in hospital with an unknown temp and tummy pains. Hopefully a heap of tests and lots of iv antibiotics will get to the bottom of it...but it's just another reminder of this...

'cos we never know what's around the corner.



Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Your cow is absolutely perfect, Tracey. Don't forget to sign her!

Needled Mom said...

I am sending prayers for you niece. I hope they get to the bottom of it and she feels better soon.

Have you tried udder cream or lanolin for the hands? Might help!

Darling cow stitchery!!

Libby said...

The cow is just perfect *S*

Calidore said...

Love the block - well done. I was going to suggest lanolin cream like Needled Mom. I use it all the time and it works wonders on my sore hands. If it feels a bit thick and greasy add some normal hand moisturiser to it when you rub it on your hands and it adsorbs better. Hope you are suriving the cold weather. First really thick fog for the year this morning.

Margaret said...

The whimiscal cow suits your personality, it will make a talking feature to the quilt.
Slow down and udder cream probably one of the best.

If the Margaret is me what is a phoot thing?? and the blue country one I would choose. Prayers for your niece and all family who have her in the heart today.

anne bebbington said...

Tracy - my first husband was a dairy farmer and used to get terribly chapped and cracked hands in the winter - he always used a concoction made up for him by our local pharmacist called 'Glycerine and Opadeldoc' - it smelled like menthol cold remedies but worked a treat. When Nick was little he had eczema and we used an oatmeal based cream called 'Aveeno' but it may be under another name in Oz - hope you find something that works - sore hands are such a misery PS LOVE your cow!!!

QuiltingFitzy said...

Our cows for Nancy are going to look awesome together! Your's is amazing!