Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And the daily blogging continues!

Do you know, this daily blogging for a week has really been fun..and the week isn't even over yet! I completely remember why I have kept the blog for nearly 5 years..and almost 500 posts! A diary with feedback..(.other than the time you got a LOT of feedback when your Mum found the one under your bed!!)

Loving the comments, especially the sunflower ones, isn't it funny how we all like something different, i adored the silhouettes, but almost didn't include the one I posted, yet that is some people's favourite as well. Keeps me motivated, but also shows me why I have to have a big card range, everyone is different!
I was going to sew all day today and have heaps to share, but I had to sort cattle and freeze my behind off in the paddock all day instead. A good job done...but only 30 minutes for sewing, though I had a lot of fun in the 30 minutes!

I have been catching up on a lot of blogs, and I have searched back thru my history but cannot find where I found this, but add it in the comments if you know who recently posted a picture of these handy sewing caddies. Suffice it to say, NOT my design, someone clever thought of it and I have played with my version today.

They are little tool keepers, especially good for when you go to classes, etc. I think fabulous in the office for pens-heaps of uses. They just slip over a standard acrylic phoot frame, too easy am going to make some more tomorrow, have a few ideas of my own to add...I would definitely need a pincushion somewhere as well (and my family would agree...pins end up EVERYWHERE !!)
Seeing I am right back in blogger mood, lets make today another giveaway day. A lucky commenter will win one of these two!! I will also announce the sunflower fabric winner tomorrow.

Notice one has chooks, the other quilter memories, well here are a few of my real chooks for you. They have multiplied hugely over the summer...a great season.

One of my frizzle hens
hens with the frizzle rooster

Oops, one of yesterday's 2 missing sunflower pics!

...and the other!

A pekin bantam crossed with a frizzle. Don't tell anyone, but she is my favourite!

A very handsome rooster!

Who was your favourite?

Have a great day, Tracey


Anne Heidi said...

Oh I love the rooster- he looks so handsome and proud!
The sewingtool organizers are really nice- I haven't seen them before- but it is such a great idea :-)

chook said...

oh I love all of the chook pics fantastic
the sewing caddys are a fab idea
hugs Beth

Sarita said...

That is one impressive rooster. So glad you shared the other photos.

Margaret said...

It may have ben Curly Pops who made the containers -----
The Frizzled rooster has a lot to say for himself .

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh these are awesome! I need to make some!