Thursday, December 28, 2006

Read and red.
Actually got to sew today!!
Threw off the post Christmas lethargy and got to work.....if I'm not careful I may do housework!! (No-I did enough of that pre-Christmas and everyone else is on holiday.......)
Made Clare (Dordogne quilter) some red and white blocks for her leukeumia quilts. There should be four but the 4th refused to end up 8 and a half in time for tea so I threw in the towel!! I HAVE to work on baby quilts next as the baby was due today and I don't want these UFO's to carry over to the New Year, so 3 blocks will have to do.

A close up of my Christmas quilting literature for those that were interested.
* 'This old quilt' is really appealing to me with great pics and good short stories about quilting as well. I especially love the beautiful watercolour prints.
* 'Crazy for quilts' had interesting anecdotes and some good pics but finished too soon, I like my pics and reading more balanced so the book lasts longer.
*'Every quilt tells a story' is full of interesting stories about quilting but no real pics and I haven't started the Emilie Richards novel yet but it looks good. The quilting pattern a day calendar is fabulous. I had it last year and everyone loves the 365 pics and instructions for every day of the year. It's good to have a calendar that is a resource you can use for life.

Off for a day at the beach today as the cricket was all over in 3 days, 10th win in a row to us. I prefer my cricket closer but a win is a win. Good for the kids to play with their cousins in the sand.
PS I hadn't actually posted this so I will now. Beautiful day at the beach visiting the family. I'll take some photos when we go back next week to tantalise the poor Northern Winter people!! I checked out Moda's new Sanctuary range at my favourite beautiful quilt shop today, even though I am a big scrap person, I think this is appealing to me, I may have to feed up those chooks to make more egg money!!
Cheers, Tracey


Libby said...

A nice selection of books. I enjoy the ones with lots of photos and information about the women who made the quilts, too. Such inspirations in them.

joyce said...

I love the blocks. I think most of them are white with red and it's nice to see some that are mainly red. It will make them stand out in the eventual quilt.

Fiona said...

The blocks look good, I agree with Joyce, having them mainly red makes a nice change.

Dawn said...

Oh Tracey - you are going to LOVE the Emilie Richards book! And her next 2 are wonderful as well. In fact the 3rd one I think was my favorite so far. I've even started to read her non-quilt fiction books and they are really good. Your red blocks are wonderful!

Shelina said...

That is a nice selection of books. I think I have seen most of them. I can't imagine going to the beach in December, although it is springlike here, while other parts of the country are having snowstorms. I even heard baby birds chirping yesterday!

Carrie said...

Looks like you've got enough there to keep you busy for a while! The blocks are pretty!

Happy New Year
God bless :)

Susan said...

A day at the beach! What fun! The blocks look great. If everyone made 3, she'd have more than she knows what to do with. =)

Great book selection. I liked seeing what you have and what you think.

I hope you are enjoying the time, not wasting it in house work. =)

Clare said...

Phew - got here in the end!

Joyce is right - it makes a change to have a red background. Will hold up on doing the next one until I get your blocks and see what route the quilting muse takes me.

Thanks for your help and support.