Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A beautiful day for a swimming carnival.

Just home from another Primary School Swim carnival-my 10th in charge. I'll be pushing for long service leave soon!

The kids' House won by 1 and a half points which is quite significant as Hub took my girl in to compete, her first and two seconds put in 7 points, without which they would have lost. She put in for her team even with a sore tummy. Everyone had fun and all contributed so it was great.

I am reading a great book at the moment and to make sure I finish it I am going to share something new from it for the next few posts.

The book is called, "The 15-minute organizer" by Emilie Barnes. I checked the copyright and it says you are allowed to quote for purposes of review so we will call this a review.
My next door neighbor (with 7 kids under 12) bought it in the hope it would give her more ideas on time maximisation. She hadn't had time to read it yet when I found it on her table so I borrowed it and have now bought a copy as it fitted in beautifully with my new"do it now" program.

It has nice short chapters and ranges through heaps of time saving and whipping your house into shape categories. Today's big point is "Don't put it down, put it away." This is not my strong point. I'm more likely to do a big put away later, than as I go. So that will be my training exercise today. It's all aimed at de-cluttering. Well, I will only go so far as I love to have my stuff around me, it's cosy. Minimalisation is not my style!

The kids only have 5 days of School left before their 7 week summer break,- or in my girl's case it will be more like a 14 week Summer break! The teacher who has taught one or the other of my children for the last 3 years is moving on so I thought it was a good time to post the quilt we made for her when she got married 2 years ago this weekend. Another Mum, Sue and I put it all together-the other class parents all put in a few dollars to cover expenses. She loves it and treats it like gold. We will miss her.
Have a great day.

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Elaine Adair said...

Good luck with the organizing. Sometimes it only takes a FEW fixes to give you the extra strength to get control! And a person doesn't have to be 100% organized, just a little more than usual. I periodically carry a box around with me, and as I clean (yeah right, about every 6 months!), I put'stuff' in that box, that is simply taking up space. It helps keep things under control. Then I donate it to the church rummage sale (where I try not to buy more stuff!)

Keep up the great posting!