Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cold and no power.

As I have stated before, what's going on with the weather? Cold, miserable and ever so slightly wet here today, then no power over tea and only back on just in time for bed. I had to sit in the car to get the Cricket scores so tomorrow some batteries and a portable radio are on the shopping list.

Kids had the neighbors over today. They all get on beautifully if there is not an adult constantly in their face to run to with issues and arguments so I cleaned my sewing room in readiness for the 8 varied sewing jobs that need finishing by Christmas. (while listening to cricket and Australia's attempts to even up the Ashes series by playing poorly... or something like that...) I regularly appeared to hand out food and guidance then went back to cutting out bags and organizing projects into order-a great feeling and I will be mentally right to sew next time.

No new ideas from the organizer because I was tempted away by an old friend. A book that I should probably add to my profile favourites. (And a fabulous mini-series that did not let the book down. What a rarity!) The book is "A Town like Alice" by Neville Shute and if in the U.S it is not quite the icon it may be here please go out and find it as it is a heartwarming read.

It's about WW2 but from a completely different perspective, that of the real captured women who were forced to walk all the war rather than be encamped around Singapore. It is based on these women but fictional in itself. I love it. After reading this I spent a long time acquiring other Neville Shute books. I can never get over how unlikely and often initially unremarkable and even unlikeable his characters are but with his amazing storytelling ability you can't put the stories down and the characters are so rich by the finish. Making us like the unloveable is a real literary feat.

Well, enough book rambling-you probably have all read it!

The picture today is of last year's Birthday buddy present at quilters. My darling friend Robyn made me this and as I haven't photographed anymore Christmas things I thought this may be a nice change. Don't Mums wish sometimes THEY could throw the tantrum! It would be so refreshing!
Have a lovely day, Tracey
ps-second great day for my girl in a row! That's the joy.


joyce said...

I read A Town Like Alice a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I love the wall hanging. Been there and had the tantrum! Lol.

McIrish Annie said...

wow fresh strawberries in december. What a treat!! our fruit is sooo bland and ucky right now.

love the santa sacks. what a good idea for putting your santa presents in.

Sue said...

I loved the verse about the Mother and the Tantrum!
Very cute!

Patti said...

I've not read that book - or any of his books - but I sure remember the series that was on Masterpiece theatre. I wish I could get that on DVD - or video if it hasn't been put on DVD.

Libby said...

That a cute little poem -- there were many days when I just wanted to have a tantrum *s*

Clare said...

I read all Neville Shute's books when I was about 14/15. Can vaguely remember A Town Like Alice. Love that wall hanging.

soccertxi said...

I love that poem! I have seen it before..but at the end it said "because I am the Mother, I am THE MOTHER, I AM THE MOTHER! I can just hear my voice getting louder and louder! I'm so glad your sweet girl is feeling more herself. That is the best gift of all. Happy sewing!