Sunday, December 10, 2006

Finally in the spirit...

With the hub away we spent a very hard day of Sunday School Nativity play practise, swimming, Christmas decorating, swimming, eating Advent lollies and ...more swimming. Still 34 degrees celcius here so not much energy for anything else.

Sorted through some decorations.

Another very early quilt is the backdrop for this nativity scene. I did not not knit this woollen Nativity scene. I was mad keen on doing one last year then I took my husband up to harvest in a little drought strapped town and found this in the window of one of their few shops for $9! I was so pleased I even paid $10-just for the knitting anguish it saved me...and for the fact the kids would have been grown up before I worked out the instructions-instructions (and knitting )are not really my thing!

Next we have my best book, and probably one of my best Christmas memories. It is fairly old, a lot older than me and my older brother so I'm not sure where it came from but it was REALLY Christmas when I had this read to me or read this on Christmas Eve. I managed to find a fairly good old copy for my sister last year, that was so I didn't feel so bad for pilfering this from Mum and Dad's. I have started the same reading tradition here, but it comes out with the Christmas decorations and we read it regularly for the few weeks before Christmas. A book with beautiful illustrations that send you to bed even at 37 with dreams of sugar plums dancing in your head should not be kept just for Christmas Eve.

We had a lovely time on the couch tonight reading all the Christmas books. I'm actually starting to get in the mood.

Must have missed scanning in the santa sack pictures so that will be next post. These are some of my little gift bags. I quite often put my baby and little people presents in these. They last very well and every little person I know likes to carry treasure in a bag. (And a lot of the big people I know as well-me included!)


McIrish Annie said...

I can't imagine getting ready for Christmas in 100 degree heat!! But I guess it's what you are used to. My DH cries if there is no snow for Christmas. I personally can live without it.

Love your quilts, the farm quilt is super cute!! why would you want to change anything?!?!

joyce said...

I love the little gift bags. What a great idea.

Libby said...

Your nativity is so cute -- how happy you must have been to not have to make it up yourself. I can't seem to master knitting -- a complete mystery *s*

Fiona said...

Love those gift bags - you are right - kids like to gather their presents up and keep them all together. Yet another idea to put on my 'someday when I've got time' list.

Tonya R said...

Reading Christmas books sounds like a lovely way to get in a festive mood.I love gift bags too.