Monday, December 04, 2006

More on the quilting lunch.

A few more pictures today from our lunch.
Today you get to see as many of our Cris cringle pics as I can upload. (I think I have managed 6!)

First is Kerrin with her gift-from me. 'Kerrin's creations' is a binder cover, with paper and plastic pockets so she can store her notes and ideas. Kerrin is our learner quilter who is catching the bug very quickly! Country Threads is an Australian Quilt magazine I love so she got the diary. I know I am getting the Aust. Patchwork and Quilting diary from my little girl for Christmas.

Second is Kath, the lucky recipient of this great calendar from Kerrin.
Third is Robyn, our resident quilter and fibre artist with her candle holders from Helen.

Fourth is Chris with her stitchery and Bible verse from Ruth.

Fifth is Helen with her Christmas stitchery from Robyn.

....The sixth gift of Christmas my good friend Sue gave to a fabulous Christmas panel with coordinating fabric I am holding up the top. MMMMmmm, if this week wasn't looking so busy,that would be a quilt by the weekend, I love it!!

*Just a little note, Robyn and I both had to get to 10.30 Church for the Sunday School Nativity practice half way through-we were both madly sewing late and only snuck in the back just in time for the children to head to Sunday School. But we still managed to hand over completed gifts at 1.30 pm!

Daughter update: Nothing in the tests so we are off to the paediatrician in a local town on Wednesday to look into it further. She's quite miserable again and after I picked her up early from School today she asked me whether I would rather her with a sick tummy or another girl who's tummy was fine. I wonder if she can begin to understand what a 'no contest' that is...but it still breaks my heart.
She had to be at School this morning as, during one of her infrequent School visits this term, she designed a Water safety poster that was entered in a town competition with other Schools and she won a section so the man in charge was coming to Assembly with a news photographer. I was in on the secret, as Kath , the quilter, is also her very understanding teacher. But DD
wasn't to know so it all ended up a bit like hard work!

My 2000th hit in the 5 weeks I have been blogging so I'll share 5 things about me you probably don't know-
1. I talk to the TV, especially when people are about to do something stupid or embarrass themselves. Drives hub crazy-"it's only TV!"
2. I have cricket on every TV and every radio in the vicinity when it is the season.
3. My perfect retirement would be spent travelling around the World on Australian cricket tours. (Robyn's coming with)
4. I have successfully matchmade two couples who are still married.
5. I travelled to Russia with Uni in 1990 and changed my path in life.
Have a great day.


Libby said...

Oh I hope they find the cause of the 'tummy trouble' soon. Poor little thing -- it's just no fun to not feel well.

joyce said...

I hope they soon find the cause of her problem and that she is feeling well again soon.

Shelina said...

Tracey, I think you got the best gift! That is a really pretty top. Hope your daughter is feeling well soon. Sounds like she has already developed empathy, which is a hard thing to teach.

May Britt said...

It is fun to see all the happy quilters with their gifts.
Hope your daughter recovers soon. Not so fun being a little girl with tummy trouble. Give her a big hug from me.

Sue said...

Looks like your luncheon was fun and I enjoyed learning five more things about you. Matchmaker are you???

Lois R. said...

That christmas panel is a BEAUT! I love the colors - red and green and tan and black - great combination.

Sorry to hear that the tests didn't show anything... Hope to hear some good news soon.

Doodlebug Gail said...

Oh Tracey, I'm so sorry that your little girl is still not well. I sincerely hope that the tests will get to the bottom of the problem.

What wonderful gifts you all gave at your quilty get-together - I'd have been really happy getting any of them.

Cricket - love it! Just don't get enough of it here in Canada - love the one day Internationals. I'm from South Africa so know all about the rivalry with the big cricketing nations.

Carrie said...

What cute projects! My favorite is the sheep with the fence wall hanging. Cute!

Hope your daughter is better soon!

God bless :)

The Calico Cat said...

How did travelling to Russia change you path in life?

tami said...

I talk to the TV too. And do you know what? They just don't listen.
I'm sorry DD still has an upset tummy. I hope they find out what it is and she feels better son.

Cheryl said...

The 5 things about you were good....tell us more about your trip to Russia, please. I do hope that the doctors will be able to figure out what is going on with your little girl!