Saturday, December 16, 2006

Just a little bit of decorating!

Though not in the house, more like the "backyard". This is what 204 big square bales of canola Hay looks like. Hopefully it is something we will never see again-the most profitable way for farmers to see their canola is as an oilseed coming out the back of their harvester but dry conditions bring new methods in order to get any return.

Santa is right next to a fairly main road and I hope he brings a smile to some of our passing farmers' faces. No patchwork done today as Santa was the #1 priority and a whole family project.

Look at my poor confused silky chook-it reminds me of the ugly duckling story. I wonder if she is curious as to why two of her babies quack or just as happy to get them.

Off to watch my boys who are improving against England in the cricket then off to fire Brigade Christmas party with Santa. It's amazing how early children can get themselves through the shower and ready when there is going to be Santa!


Libby said...

Santa looks quite happy out there -- I bet he will bring plenty of smiles.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

That's a lot of hay. Santa is a nice touch.

Susan said...

Now, here's how dumb I am about anything that doesn't grow in Arizona. I never knew that canola was from something that could be hay instead!