Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Hi, need to ice a heap of slice with chocolate icing and I need to know what chocolate icing recipe you use to get a shiny icing that is still cutable-mine tends to crack or lose its shine, mine is a predominantly melted cooking chocolate plus a bit of butter recipe.

Also, who had the tutorial or even the picture of that cute round pincushion you make, then you whip DMC type thread around to kind of quarter it? (all the DMC threads come up through the middle) Around the diameter of a coffee cup or however big you want to go.

I don't know what it is called and writing all that in Google will not get results!

Now, for the information of the competition enterers and whoever else is interested, here are the chook vital statistics.

#1 -a silky/barred plymouth rock cross rooster
#2 -silky/pekin cross rooster
#3-purebred bush chook rooster!!
#4-predominantly pekin hen with a tiny bit of silky
#5-bush chook frizzle cross hen
#6-bush chook frizzle cross hen (the rooster is very virile and easy to pick his kids!)
#7-silky pekin cross rooster
#8-THE frizzle rooster...he may be small......but it's the quiet ones you need to watch!
#9-silky hen
#10-frizzle silky cross hen
#11-silky pekin cross rooster
#12-frizzle rooster crossed with bush chook.

And finally, because this is meant to be a quilting blog (!!!) here is the little stitchery I made for last Sunday. It is attached to a card with double sided tape so can be hung after the event. I stitched it during a report at convention-I like to have something to stitch, stops me from falling asleep!
Have a great day, please drop me a line asap with the queries, Thanks, Tracey


Annie said...

Hi Tracy, Was it SEWMAD who has that pincushion??? not sure -

May Britt said...

Here it is:

Jodie said...

Hi Tracey, May Britt at abyquilt makes those pincushions too, her addy is I think she has a link to the tutorial.

Jodie said...

Duh....... I see May Britt left you a comment!!! Ok, forget the pincushion, I will move onto the chocolate glaze..... 250g dark chocolate, 125ml cream, 165g sugar. put all 3 in a pan and stir over a low heat until smooth. Bring to the boil then reduce the heat and simmer 4-5mins, stirring occassionally to prevent the mixture from catching. Remove from the heat and stir gently, to cool a little. Pour the glaze over the cake letting it run evenly down the side. Tap the tray on the bench to level the surface. Leave to set completely.

Anne Ida said...

Hi, Tracey! I see May-Britt has given you a link to a tutorial for the pincushion - you can also find one here:

Chocolate frosting - I usually just melt cooking chocolate - but use copha (I think that's what you guys call it - coconut fat) instead of butter - and a tiny bit of water, make sure the chocolate melts, but don't get it too hot - heat is what causes it to crack when the cake is cut.

Lissa Jane said...

pincushion, well its exactly how you said, you stuff the crap out of it, then use the your dmc thread to draw it in.. cna't get much easier than that..
mum used to put glycerine (that you can buy from the supermarket) into her chocolate icing, made it shiny and smooth cake shop sort of finish, a cake decorator told her that trick.. not sure of quanitity etc, but could google it..

still think #1 chooky looks like John Howard.. must be the 'eyebrows'.. still giggling at the thought of it..


Sew Create It - Jane said...

I'm wondering if you are thinking of Ganache Frosting. It's got cream in it and is absolutely divine.

anne bebbington said...

Can't help with the queries but I just knew there were Silkies in there somewhere :o)))

Kim said...

Love Jodie's recipe...I make this and pour it over thick fudge brownies, then pack them all up and take them to Friday Night Quilting at the Quilters Coop. Gesh these are yummo!

Jelly Wares said...

Wow 97 chooks is amazing!!! How do you feed that many??? It must nearly be a full time job looking after them all especially if you're breeding too... I love all of the pics, they're gorgeous!!! I have sussex and isa browns. I'd love to get more adventurous but can't seem to find any breeders..
Good luck with the icing, sorry I can't help you out there..

Jodie :)

Chocolate Cat said...

Sorry I just do an icing sugar, cocoa, water icing for slices! They don't last long enough in our house to use proper chocolate!! When I do use chocolate it cracks for me too, think only option that works is the cream / chocolate combination (ganache is the word I'm looking for) but I've only used that on cakes. Sorry probably just confused you more!!!!

loulee1 said...

I do a chocolate sauce/icing with melted cooking chocolate, butter and cream. It must be butter though, marge just makes it greasy.
And I don't let mine boil!

Nines said...

I have ordered new chicks for spring. I tried real hard to keep it reasonable. 15 layers and 20 for the pot. How do you keep them off the porch- my boys hate to step in their little gifts, first thing in the morning.

love the stitchery!

Malagueta said...

I have an easy ganache recipe that you make in the microwave: 1 and 1/4 pound chocolate chips (semi-sweet) to 1 pint heavy cream. Put in a micro-safe bowl, cook in microwave for apprx 5 minutes, whisk until smooth. You need to leave it overnight to gel from liquid to fudgy frosting.