Sunday, May 18, 2008

Opal sock yarn

Hi, some info. for the knitters amongst you.
I have spoken to Robyn, the computer generated sock yarn is "Opal" sock yarn. Here is a sample website but just put it in Google and you may find something closer to you.
I am up to my arm pits in ewes and lambs after an inch and a half of son now knows WAY too much about child/lamb birth! He says he is staying home for the rest of the week to keep helping me! Back soon, Tracey
OOps, just added it the link sorry about that!!!


Chocolate Cat said...

Thanks for the link Tracey, have already had a look and just trying to make a decision!

Cascade Lily said...

Hi Tracey - my you have been busy. That yarn is so clever it should actually knit itself!

Carol said...

I love Opal. My red/white/grey socks were Opal and they are so yummy.