Monday, May 19, 2008


So, how farmerish are you feeling today....apparently you want more lamb pictures. Do you like your lambie pics all clean and white like these?

-who I watched enter the world about 15 minutes before this shot? I', thinking they would be a cute card.

They are very fortunate and had a lovely mother who cleaned them up straight away with a little judicious licking and presented them to me all beautiful for pictures.

These next pictures may not be quite so pretty, I found this little darling next to her dead mother.
I was on foot so I put my gloves on, out of a desire to not catch any dodgy animal diseases rather than the gross factor, and headed across the paddock for home.
I already have 5 lots of ewes and lambs "rebonding" in the sheep yards and wool shed, and I am feeding two so I wasn't that keen on adding to the collection. They are always much better on a real mother.
I spotted a motherly looking ewe who had just delivered and while her back was turned I raced up and rubbed my lamb against hers for the smell, then raced off to spy from the tussocks.

These are my spycam shots, notice how she is smelling them both? Something seems wrong from when she turned around but she can't quite put her finger on it.....(the darker is the imposter)
Still investigating.....
-and off we go!
I love a happy ending, don't you? Even if they aren't all clean and white!
Look at this big fellow I saw on my is Spring, last year's pet lamb, who has featured widely in the past 12 months, often draped in quilts. He is a head taller than the other sheep....grossly overindulged!
I still haven't gone around and caught up all my favourite blogs, don't think I have given up on you, it's just these little darlings, my 10 calves, my 97 chooks, my kids, my husband and associated resposibilities seem to be demanding a large amount of time.
Here's a comment from me anyway, on my latest favourite card and a big seller at our recent market. Have a great day, Tracey


Kim said...

Thank you! You know I love the farm photos and stories!! So glad the orphan found a mom, with a little help, she should be okay. Enjoy the lambing. :O)

Gizmo said...

WOW, you've really been busy. Congrats on the adoption! I love my lambs on their feet - clean or dirty. :D How much longer will you be lambing??

Linda said...

Terrific photo's I can't get over how big Spring is.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I think we should call you lurking mother nature! Aren't you clever using the scent of the other lamb to encourage the adoption. Hope to see further updates of this little lamb...very cute!

Jelly Wares said...

Tracey this is a great post!!! My new bunch of merino ewes are lambing at the moment too... I've only had to rescue one which I'm now bottle feeding, wasn't as lucky as you with the fostering attemps... I've been a bit slack on the blog department too with moving house, renovating, caring for all of our animals, taking care of DH and the little princess, etc demanding alot of my time too... Hopefully things will be back on track soon.. Take care and have a great day too..

Jodie :)

Elaine Adair said...

A happy ending! I remember those poor little orphan lambs, and feeding them from bottle, ALL THE TIME! They would practically know you off your feet to get to the bottles! Nice memories. We even had one that DID come to school with us one day (I don't think my Mother noticed the extra passenger that day!

liz said...

Hi Tracey,
You should be called 'SuperWoman'
I don't know how you keep up with all you do. I am exhausted from just reading.
Kind regards from Liz

Susie said...

Hi Tracey,
I was so looking forward to seeing the baby lambs! Thanks for the cute pictures. How wonderful that the orphaned one was taken it by another Mom.
You sound like your plate is heaped to overflowing. I'm surprised you had time to post!!

Chocolate Cat said...

Thank goodness there was a happy ending! These are great photos. Must say I love watch little lambs play. We did have pet lambs last year - big mistake!!!!!

Ruth's Place said...

You are so sneaky - love the happy ending! With all you've got going on I'm impressed you manage to blog!

Libby said...

Nothing like a happy ending . . . glad that baby found a new mommy *s*

Jodie said...

Man you are busy. I feel so slack whingeing about my lambless, eweless, 97 chookless life - you are superwoman.
...and you know your cards are awesome !!!

Carol said...

Tracey, these photos are absolutely magic. And you!! You are now mother earth in my eyes. What a lucky little lamb that you happened to spy him/her.

Carol E. said...

Great photos! Yes! Make a card! And love the chickies card, too.