Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Pick your chook!

I have been asked many times just how many chooks (or chickens for you o/s people) that I have.

My husband quite often asks the same question as well....usually when they have been in his sheds.
So the other night I did a count of the ones that roost in the shed or somewhere I can find them and I have a number for you.....just don't tell my husband though, promise, have you promised? Ok then,
it's 97!!!!
And seeing life is busy this week with minimal sewing I am going to introduce you to Tracey's top 10 ...or 12...of the most unusual. I breed for unusuality. We may as well call it a competition, just for fun, and one lucky voter might just win a prize! You can get all creative and even name the ugly one of your choice -or who it reminds you of. That will keep me entertained when i need a break from strudel..or jam..or slice...or making pot holders!! Have fun, you have until Saturday, 10th May!












Have fun! Tracey


ForestJane said...

Hmm... I need to know if they're male or female before I name mine. I obviously can't tell the difference between a rooster and a hen. :D

#10 looks like he/she is standing with her back to the wind. I like the fluffy looking ones. But that caramel colored one is pretty too. Do you eat them as well as grow them?

Jodie said...

Definately No. 2!! Very regal looking..... so as for a name......
Cock Robin (or Cock Robyn). Have NO IDEA why, the first thing I thought of! Lol

chook said...

OH I just looooovvvve your chooks
but I think no 6 is
Lady Henella Featherbottom
lol this is so much fun

I hope she is a girl

hugs Beth

Anne Ida said...

*lol*! I think it's a toss-up between #2 and #5 :o) #2 is soo pretty, gorgeous colour, so the only name I can come up with is Caramella Sweetchickenpie. But poor #5 looks like she has been through a tornado - my heart goes out to her; miss Ruffles :o)

Thanks for the fun pictures, Tracey! ...strudel, jam, and slice sounds yummy!

May Britt said...

I fell in love with nr 5. She looks so miserable out poor girl so her name have to be Miss Esmeralda.
And nr 10 has to be miss Fluffy

Andrea said...

What great pictures. I name number 4 - Mrs Tiggywinkle. Think I need another coffee - lol !

Chookyblue...... said...

okay I could roughly count 100.......so I think you are pretty close......shikes that is a lot of chooks.......no 5 is Mrs Ruffles and no 10......Fluffball.......and I promise I won't tell dh ......I am getting 3 new ones this week that lay blue eggs.........so exciting........can't wait til I get my first egg......

Chocolate Cat said...

I don't think you could call any of these ugly! They are gorgeous!! No. 6 would be my favorite though, a fluffy chook??? The name as voted for by my darling daughter - Mrs Brush (as in toilet brush) isn't she rude!!!

Lissa Jane said...

No.1 looks like John Howard with those feather like eyebrows *W* so I think no.1 should be called "little Johnny" (hope its a rooster)

who is thinking having 97 chickens is NOT her idea of fun.. more like hell on earth, I am totally freaked out by chickens! they taste good though :O)))

Jodie said...

No. 1 is a little Dame Edna-ish around the eyes.

Carolyn said...

I love number 10, looks like the wind just blew her in, so I'd call her "Windy"...

anne bebbington said...

No 11 is definitely my favourite - with those fluffy feet she definitely looks like a Silky - my previous partner used to keep Silkies - they make excellent brood hens for hatching out eggs - I'd call her Silky Suzie

Libby said...

A quote rather than a name for # 10 "I've just washed my feathers and I can't do a thing with them." *s*

Linda said...

Oh there are some good looking chooks there Tracey. I thought #1 looked like Dr Spock.... and #5 my immediate thought was from a Spike Milligan book where one of the characters was named fluffy bum the cat. So to be polite I suppose FB the chook.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I quite like the look of #2...that looks like a chicken not to be messed with...very commanding looking!

Carol said...

I'm going to call no.7 Bojangles, because it has the same colouring as my cat and that's her name !! LOL Probably wouldn't want to test the theory and have them meet though, te he.

Calidore said...

I think I should come and visit...vbg. I'm down to 7 chooks and none are as interesting as yours....vbg.

Have to say I love No 4- I can just picture her saying "Dammit why did no one tell my that power point was on - now look at my feathers!!!"

Are some of those chooks the "Frizzel" chooks I have heard about. No idea if that's the right name for them - but I do love that frizzeled look to their feathers.

Kim said...

Number one reminds me of Rod Stewart, must be the hair style...you could name this guy after Rod and maybe he will never end up in the Stew-art. Heheehe

McIrish Annie said...

#1 should be named Mr. T. all that's needed are the gold chains!

and #5, I don't have a name but it looks as if her knickers are in a twist!!

thanks for sharing the "family" pictures.