Friday, November 09, 2007

Thanks, but he is all mine!
Hi, pleased you like my quilt frame...and the DH!
Always knew he was a keeper, only thing that surprises me is that no-one snavelled him in the 15 years he waited for me!!
Also, Dawn-Marie, you left a comment about a zipper for the quilt frame, that makes for easy loading of the tops. You are no-reply and I can't get to your blog, can you email me with more info please?
Also, Wadding, I want to get it in a roll, what is the best type and who might deliver it here at a less that $18 per metre rate? Answers to either question appreciated!


susan parfrey said...

hello there stranger, I know why no one snavelled him
. he was waiting for the perfect wife ..... YOU..... love always Suz

Dawn-Marie said...


I will email you! Sorry been away just got your message.