Sunday, November 18, 2007

Houndstooth check way.

Little did Maddy know when she was photographed in her houndstooth jumper on November 4th that some one would be doing a tutorial on how to turn it into a quilt 2 weeks later! I would ring and tell her but think I lost her number when I updated my mobile phone...the price of technology!

I have emails and comments regarding this and rather than email 10 photos to everyone intersted, I will post my method. You don't have to like my method, my method is not necessarily good, just works for me and contrary to the many hypotheses presented to me, there is no foundation piecing, it is not done like a string quilt and there is not one bias edge...bias edges get me nervy!

So here we go.

This is a 6 inch base square of white. I then cut 2 x 3 inch squares for the corners. Can you see the green line on the black squares? That will be my sewing line.

Here is the exact same thing, except in reverse; a 6 inch black square, with 2x3 inch squares in opposite corners.

What's going on here?

Well, I have sewn along the green pencil line, (I would do a whole heap of these at once normally, chain piecing them together). Then I have turned it around and sewn another line of stitching to turn what would have been the wasted points to be cut off into little half sqaure triangles for another project straight away.

They are now gone.

And I am left with this after I iron it flat. See the green line there? Well, that's my humility line as I was too enthusiatic ruling that at the start as it needed to be on the back! Rule it on the back now people!

See, that wasn't so hard! Now place that square over it's opposite number, that one you just did on the black base, you know,

this one....just before I ironed the corners down.

Then sew 1/4 inch each side of the now blue pencil line...not on the line this time...that's something I would accidentally do when it was midnight!

See, 2 lines! Cut down the middle.

Which gives you this result.

Iron it, and you now have 2 blocks already, I told you it was quick and easy. Useful for so many colours and styles and I never worked with one bias. Trim and tidy as necessary to 5 1/2 inches.. You would need plain white and plain black squares as well to finish this quilt, as i started at 6 inches for this one, your plains would need to be 5 1/2 inches as well.

This is what I like,I am half way down the road with another quilt from leftovers, never waste your leftovers!

Off to watch CSI and see if Grissom is the one making those miniature house thingys! Can't miss the start!


joyce said...

Saving the little corner squares by sewing that extra line is a great idea. I have been tossing mine because I couldn't face sewing all those tiny triangles together. I did hate to throw them in the garbage though. Next time....

Pat E. said...

How cool! Neat block and pretty inventive to come up with your own pattern for it.

Love the very graphic black and white!

atet said...

Thanks for the great tutorial -- I have an idea for this one already (not that I need any more ideas this close to Christmas mind you -- but, oh well!).

Susan said...

I save the corners, too. Bonnie Hunter calls them Bonus Blocks, and I use them in a lot of the AmHero quilts. Great tutorial on how to make the houndstooth!

Mama Koch said...

Love the B&W blocks.

But I like Sarah on CSI! Hope they bring her back after she gets things sorted out.