Thursday, November 22, 2007

An inch of rain has slowed the harvest so I have leisure to post while DH does the work today. DD had her treatment last night and is looking brighter this morning, desperate to get to a sleepover birthday tomorrow night-probably not the best plan but you can't keep them locked up for fear of the tummy pains returning.

I have been good this week, the gym 2 times!! (OK Susie P, pick yourself up off the floor now!!!)
I love that rowing machine, though 2x 10 minute sessions on it in 2 days mean that I do have some extra previously undetected muscles this morning!

And look, distracted progress!!
The houndstooth check is at the hanging on the fence stage, I think a black border and we are go. It would mess with my head if it were much bigger, I don't think you could make the blocks much smaller starts to play with your eyes..
Could probably call this photo, "Hounds amongst the chickens", "Check out the chooks" to another competition almost!
Thought you may like to see the result you can get with just the stripy blocks.
I like this as well, but even more points have to match than in my version....nasty, nasty matching points!!!

Have been designing my Christmas cards this week, better late than never! I think Carol's Canola layout will feature heavily, but I also wanted to include my new treasured Christmas decoration, so I took these pics of my Jim Shore nativity.

I could honestly look at that all day....any bloggers want to be on my Christmas card list! I might do some as postcards as well.

Thinking about this for notecards, I love the light in the pink.
Better be off and clean, have a great day, Tracey
1. DH here to do the work
2. Whoever invented DD's treatment machine
3. Jim Shore, who put 2 of my favourite things together..... patchwork and the Nativity!


Leigh said...

You have Jim Shore!!! I am so jealous. What did you do rob a bank??? I have one very small piece which I LOVE. Lucky duck!
I love the pink flower. It will make gorgeous note cards.

Bloom said...

Great photo of the 'hound in the chook yard'! Looks fantastic. Love the boldness of the black & white & what a menagerie of chookies. Is that a goose in amongst them? Love it.

Susan said...

I love the Jim Shore Christmas card idea. It actually *looks* like a Christmas card.

The Hounds Among the Chooks is a great shot!

atet said...

Ooooh -- love that houndstooth in the chooks. I also love the note cards from the flower idea. Just beautiful.

Carol said...

You've sewed it already? Oh good Lord !!!! I do believe that is a piece that will move in front of your eyes, even if it's not. Mike has a shirt like that and I can't iron it without getting seasick! LOL

susan said...

hi there, good for you 2 days at the gym, I am very impressed!(i'm not on the floor how rude!!!)love the jim shore nativity, my jim shore angel you gave me takes pride of place on our tree (yes its up already and has been for a while bring on xmas) love the houndstooth and you will have a parcel in the mail Suz and crew xxxxxx

Darcie said...

I love love love your Houndstooth quilt!!! And thank you so much for the tutorial. We are planning a black/white bathroom here in our lower level...and that would make the perfect shower quilt/curtain, don't you think?!

Frederique said...

Oh, I love your bicolor quilts, they are so great!
I love your blog too, so I added it in my blogroll, dedicated only to quilting blogs: close to 250 now!
Gym is good, dance also, I'm learning how to dance like a Tahitian girl... Not so easy!!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

The houndstooth is marvelous. Black border sounds great.

Nadine said...

Oh, that Jim shore Nativity scenery is absolutely delightful ! I had never seen it before .... LOVE, LOVE them ! Your idea of making some notecards with them is GREAT ! Lucky recipients !

((HUGS)) & smiles to you (and THANKS for your kind birthday wishes, dear !)