Sunday, November 04, 2007

It's raining....rain!
It never remembered how to rain like this in Winter, but here it is late Spring and it seems to be kicking an all over the country.

Oh boy, is it ever raining.
Over 4 inches here in 2 days, a huge % of that was last night, with lightning, thunder and huge winds thrown in. Thank goodness we had not cut all of our hay yet, it would be underwater.
Like this barley is.......

and these chickens were.....

DH woke this morning and said he had better go and check the sheep, I said that the good shepherds looked after their sheep in the middle of the night. Well, they aren't sheep, but they are my responsibility anyway. I donned wet weather gear at 1 am and went out to check my babies and they were copping it from above and rising groundwater as well, many were about had it so I had to move them into cages and into the kitchen under reading lights. I sat with them until I could see them starting to preen and this morning they are as good as new. More than can be said for me!

-happier this morning

Luckily DH's stone bridge is holding up well under the torrent and the water should all hopefully be dispersing soon.

The wild weather knocked over my favourite Yukka/succulent pot as well, I foresee shopping.

The weather didn't stop the morning coffee ladies yesterday though, they are tough! At least 18 with another 18 children showed up, we made $200 from the trading table and had a lovely morning, the kids were great and didn't seem to really miss the backyard, playing well in the lounge together. I was only disappointed that after all that gardening no-one could go outside but as they say, at least that is done!!
I turned an experimental block into another experimental chook, it wasn't allowed to be sold! Both kids came out to the trading table with their money boxes to buy my chooks, sad when you have to buy them , I said I'd make them some later, but no, the cash came out.
Well, better go and swim out to the clothes line and at least get some school uniforms into the drier, you would have thought forecasters could have picked up 4 inches worth of rain and warned us.....but no!
Have a great day, Tracey
-rain, can't be fussy about volume
-a warm house
- photo albums that are now only 12 months behind after a few hours work last night.
-DD happy and pain free..


Carol E. said...

You're a hero to save those sweet little chookys in the wee hours. They look much happier. Our weather has been upside down this year, too... no rain all summer and then it poured and poured in the early autumn. As you say, at least it rained!

Cascade Lily said...

Well done good shepherd and I am still chuckling at your DH not noticing anything!!

And rain, rain come again!

Sweet P said...

Rain! Rain! So glad to hear you have rain. And you did your job in the middle of the night! Good job!

Gizmo said...

I love that experimental chook!! It has so much personality.

Rain, rain, rain...I hope it continues in these small doses. :)

joyce said...

When it rains, it pours. Lol. Those chickens must love you.

Doodlebug Gail said...

Wow - what lovely rain you're all having over there. Glad you saved the chooks from all the water ...... take care and I hope you get more rain, but only if it is still needed. Take care.

Anne Ida said...

O, wow! This is so far from the weather we have been having - beautiful autumn sun and cold temperature!

The chooks are very lucky to have you in their lives!

Owens Family Adventures said...

Your chooks are the cutest things I've ever seen!!!

Ruth's Place said...

Wow, you must have had some very strong winds to know that huge pot over. Glad you got some rain, sorry there's so much of it!

Laurie Ann said...

I am glad the ducks and chicks dried out okay. They looked positively miserable in that first picture. I hope you dried out okay too!