Monday, November 05, 2007

Friends, new, old, and 'imaginary'!

Received a couple of emails in the past day, both from very talented girls, one an absent friend...and one our husbands would classify as 'imaginary'-a fellow blogger.
I will start with the contents of Carol's email.(Pins and Needles)
There is nothing imaginary about Carol, she is very keen on digital scrapbooking and asked permission to scrap my pic of the kids in the Canola.-I very kindly gave her permission(LOL!!!) and sent her few extras as well. She did very well even though they are not technically sized right by me, that is all too confusing for me. She actually only lives an hour from here, if we ever co-ordinate our calendars we could actually meet!
Here is the fabulous result that I just love. Thank you Carol!
I think I could get very keen on that kind of had better stay well away, I am trying to not even download photoshop.........but that is tempting me as well.
The second email was from my Australian friend, Susan who relocated to the West a few months ago, she is the one I made the Sewing machine mat for.
The new location and DH's shiftwork have meant more patchwork time...and don't we all love that. She sent me some photos of her progress and I was so impressed I asked her permission to share.
Susan is a fantastic appliqeur, she has made at least 10 of these bags, they are from Nancy Halvorsten's book, 'Peppermint and Holly Berries', they are made from her tea towel range and available from her website apparently.
Some person who shall remain nameless also introduced Susan to the Fat Quarter shop, here is an 'in progress' quilt top.
I know Tonya always likes to see how people are using her ideas and as that same nameless identity showed Susan where to find the instructions for pieced lettering...she is now onto the houses. Here is her first attempt at tonya's wonky houses-making this for her 9 year old son.
A great job.
I thought I had better post this today as Susan may not be speaking to me when she finds out why I am going over now to clear a big space in my sewing room before tomorrow-I'm not letting you in on the secret, you will have to check in tomorrow night.
It will be a big day tomorrow, Melbourne Cup luncheon and the filling of the cleared space all in one day....can hardly wait!
Have a great day, Tracey
Gratitudes: Lovely friends.


Carol said...

You are most welcome Tracey, all that glorious yellow, it was fun to use those pics to scrapbook a page for you.

I love the Nancy Halvorsen books, I have so many of her Christmas theme ones, I loooooooove Christmas craft !!!! Your friend's bags are magnificent.

AJ said...

DH calls my blogging buddies imaginary too!!!

Love that cute and wonky!!

Chookyblue said...

so I take it ........ was the bad friend called Tracey who lead her down the trail of shopping at the FQS and bad habits....

joyce said...

Nice job on the scrapbooking .Lucky you with friends like that. I was in Australia for Melbourne cup day a couple of times. Wow! I couldn't believe the whole country takes a holiday for a horserace. Very different from staid old Canada! It was tons of fun.

Elaine Adair said...

You have so many lovely photos this post - THank you for all the inspiration. I've LOVED the kids in the canola since you first posted it! Then I'm scrolling down to that cute little wonky house - another of my 'to do' projects.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

That digital scrappiness of your kids is gorgeous - but then so were your photographs. very fun. and wheee, look at the bat house. tell Susan it's marvelous.

atet said...

Your friend's projects are just lovely and the photos of your little ones are, of course, precious! I've been behind on my blog reading so you're getting one massive response -- love your church sale items, those bags and tea towels are just fun and need I say enuough good things about the chooks? DD had hers out this weekend and we were playing "farm" with them! (and since I added a bit of lavendar to the "fill" they smell yummy too) And those op shop finds -- I really wish we had some good ones in my area. Every time I go into the one local place it's just so sad -- unless I wanted to work in 70's polyester all the time. Eeek!

Carol E. said...

Ohhh! A friend asked me about digital scrapbooking, and I wasn't quite sure what she meant. Now I see a wonderful example... another thing to get hooked on, I'm afraid. Like you, I'm not even going to look into it. I don't have enough life times.

Hedgehog said...

I just love that wonky house - my first attempt at them wasn't very wonky - I need to try again.

Gizmo said...

The picture of your little ones started out great, and Carol made it spectacular. Congrats to you both on a job well done!
Those bags are adorable!!
I'll have to try my hand at a wonky house - some day. ;)

Libby said...

Digital scrapbooking, huh? No, No, No! Not another fun thing to do at the computer *s*

Susie said...

I love what Carol did with the canola field photo :)

Susan said...

Gosh, you've been having fun! And leading your friends astray - good for you! =)

Is it tomorrow yet? LOL!