Monday, November 17, 2008

Economy saving fabric purchases (??).. and show and tell

As I take a break from being surrounded with visoflix and enough letters for the names for 6 santa sacks I'll share some show and tell.
Firstly, the farm panel on Jake's blanket was in the $2.99 last call at Hancock's, I got these 4 above in the same deal-Good enough to win me over even with our dollar in the proverbial toilet at present!
Another good deal was these zips.

I happened to wander into a little sewing shop in town as the owner was tipping these out and wanting to get rid of them, I got 100's for my purses and paid $10 I think. I love a bargain and often source my zips at the op shops, but a whole heap of uniform size and colour will make the purse sewing much easier.
I had quilters here on Friday night. While I cut up letters, Chris clipped her Heather Bailey shaggy.

She has also been working on a table runner and attempted her first machine quilting, very artfully I thought!

Well done, Chris!

We have another baby here...we so needed another pet! But this is rather cute and, scout's honour, it really is the only one of one. Last year she had two under the BBQ, this year the one appeared during last Tuesday's Bible Study....perhaps we should call it Christy after the DVD series we are studying this term.
You can tell she only has one baby by the size of it's tummy!
The mother has moved it to the backdoor mat! I hope i don't wander out in the dark and squash it!

She is a fabulous mother, no matter where the kids move the kitten, inside or out, she is there picking it up and putting it back on the doormat!
Better get back to these santa sacks, doing them assembly line style so probably the first peek you see will be of all 6!
Must go and see if we have a new CSI on while I sew.....has Grissom left in the US yet, last week he slept over at Lady whatsherface's. Don't know how the show will go without him...any good??
have a good day, Tracey

Oh...and just a the poor girl who googled these key words ....

"how do i get rid of feelings for an old boyfriend"

"want to call an old boyfriend 3 times"

"and going back to an old boyfriend will it work"

...and according to statcounter ended up with me on my blog on all 3 occasions, i hope I helped although i know not how....and if you happen to come back here my advice is start enjoying life and even looking for the next boyfriend. If the old one comes back at least you aren't sitting there looking needy and pathetic...and if he doesn't come back you are 3/4 of the way past him anyway!

*Ed. note. all advice learnt from sometime bitter experience! As Carrie Fisher would say on When Harry met Sally"...'please tell me I'll never have to be out there again!!'


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Great buy with the zippers...

Lovely cat pics...isn't she sweet and obviously a diligent mom.

As for the girl with boyfriend problems...I'm with you...find a new boyfriend! LOL Funny what people search for and even funnier that they end up on quilting blog!!!

Stephanie said...

So now you'll have to start an advice section on your blog. That's funny. Grissom has not left CSI yet. They did lead us to believe that he and Lady Heather were an item. Depends on who they replace him with. I used to watch it from when it started and have slacked on the last couple of years.

Owens Family Adventures said...

Zippers!!! You got a great deal there!

Love the quilt!

What a good mother the cat is. :)

The Today show is broadcasting from Australia today....I am so jealous! It's in my top 5 of places I'd love to visit.
Have a great day over there!!!

The Calico Cat said...

Awww that baby kitten is so cute - So is baby Jake!

Needled Mom said...

Great buys. I'd love to come across something like that.

What a cute baby kitten. Mom looks very protective.

The boyfriend story is too funny. I agree with your advice ... run while she can.

Libby said...

Isn't that kitten just darling *s* Mama is so patient to move her around and around.
You've given some excellent love advice - hope the 'googler' follows it!

loulee1 said...

Whoa! I though Grissom and Sarah were an item....Although Lady Heather always did have a pull on ole' Grissom.

Great advice, couldn't agree more. I hope she has better luck in future.

Cute furbaby.

Carol said...

Way to go on the zip purchase!!! And another little kitty to adore. We need more kitty pictures!!

Margaret said...

I have looked at op shops for zips also, and on my way came across some bags of Anchor threads.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh baby! You got a great haul with those zippers! Love the tractor quilt too!