Sunday, November 09, 2008

Chook blocks.

The Church ladies morning coffee went well, 20 ladies and their kids came, the weather stayed nice and the trading table made over $350! Some of the leftover plants stayed here, and I bought a few, DH thinks we will need to expand the garden.

Having a quieter day today after all the rishing, may even take the kids into the Clone Wars movie this afternoon....(even though there is not the slightest chance of Harrison Ford!)

I love all the international relationships you form with a blog, I have had a few interesting emails this week from different parts of the world, wanting to ask about something or check on instructions..or just chat about patchwork.

Carol in the US wanted some closer chook block pictures and I thought there may be someone else out there who wanted them as well, so here are a few i have.

These two are from the shirt quilt. when you look closely you can see it is really just a few variations on the flying geese block idea. I appliqued the beak on but you could have a seam along there and sew it as a half square traingle type arrangement, that would save a lot of time. It is all in 2 1/2 inch size units. The comb is actually double layered fabric for a bit of extra oomph, sewn into the seam below. I think I intended appliquing around it once but prefer the loose, 3 D look and as it hangs it hasn't frayed. Felt would do well for this, or applique.

Here is another version of the same block, with additions like a stitched beak, appliqued comb and stitched wing.

These are some other chook blocks. This is just a flying geese block with comb attached in the seam, stitched legs and button eggs.

another variation.

applique possibility

another applique possibility

...and another variation, completely free!

She wandered out of my DH's workshop yesterday morning. She hopped back on her nest last night and I found her...she had just sat there quietly for 21 days with no-one any the wiser!

Off to the movies, have a great day, Tracey


Kimonos and Sushi said...

Those chook blocks are adorable.Miss Chooky is cute how long till the new hatchlings.Did you run into Harrison Ford at the movies????Andrea

Lissa Jane said...

Tracey.. all those chickens.. imagine having that many babies at once.. you'd run away from home wouldn't you????
I love your chooky blocks.. can see so many ones that i have patterns for here!!! (that I have never ever used! LOL)


Carol said...

Oh I love love love the yellow chook and the b&w check chook running! They are the cutest things.

Joyce said...

Love the chicken blocks. I wish I'd had them when I did my chicken quilt. Maybe I'll have to do another.

Owens Family Adventures said...

hahahahaha!! You hafta admire her tanacity!!!

loulee1 said...

Your chook blocks are great, I think the last one is best.

Cascade Lily said...

I love the flying geese flying chook block!

Gawd I hope you took some stitching to that movie...heard it was a shocker!

Libby said...

What cute little chicks . . . bet they are a scream to watch toddling around the yard.

Kim said...

Ah, happy chickens everywhere!

Margaret said...

What do you do with all the eggs ???