Thursday, November 06, 2008

A calf and a shirt quilt.... or two.

Okay, so once again Monday has magically turned to Thursday and have I checked bloglines and what everyone is up's coming!! Hopefully after the weekend "time" will miraculously appear...kind of like those cleaning fairies I am waiting for who will make my house ready for the Church ladies morning coffee that is at my house on Saturday morning!!

Congratulations or commiserations to the US ladies depending on their leanings. An unbelievable amount of coverage of your election here, live feeds on lots of channels and an incredible amount of information. Almost more so than with our own elections.
I can't help being reminded of the Goodies episode where Tim and Bill take on each other as a type of Evita Margaret Thatcher vs. Che for the leader of Britain and the telecast is so engrossing no-one shifts away from the TV to vote! Those boys were way ahead of their time.
The thing that fascinates me is that you vote on a Tuesday. We vote on Saturday as people have it free. The lines look enormous, do you get time off work to vote or how do you manage it? I also have trouble getting my head around voting not being compulsory, we would be fined if we were over 18 and didn't vote here.
Anyway, enough of that, I have had a few emails about my last post, mainly regarding the shirt quilts. I also am non the wiser on who my swap buddy is. You will need to trawl back through my posts but you will find plenty of quilts made from my shirt stash. A couple I still had around here were.....
This one that I made up and hangs in my bathroom.
And I thought i would introduce you to the latest 'sucker of my time' a good way... Harry. Harry proved a most accommodating display board..
for my shirt chook quilt.
...except when doing his rodeo exercises...
And finally Harry got his reward, still enjoying his shirt quilt.
The problem, (or good thing depending on your mood) with having a coffee morning is that you also need to tidy your garden. When I get gardening I wonder why I don't do it more, then I get sewing and wonder why I have a garden....... Perhaps I need to be like the lady I met after my weekly attempt to hold back the fat tide at the gym yesterday...she said her hobbies were exercising (!!!)...and just stick to one thing. But I can't see it happening...especially the exercising!
I was repotting succulents and unfortunately this one was in a round pot and there was only one choice-
-the radical one!!
I thought it's roots were well worth a picture, they reminded me of something off Doctor Who, something that would come creeping around a door jamb to eerie music whilst the Doc and his latest assistant took off in another direction to investigate where the people were. I have just decided there is far too much British tv in my past!
So off I go to in the vain hope that those fairies visited as i typed! Have a great day, Tracey


Julie said...

Harry is so cute but aren't they a lot of work. All our calves are drinking off their mothers this year and we didn't buy any extras so I can't get any of them to stand still long enough for a quilt over their back photo opportunity. If it ever rains again I hope to be able to get back to rearing a few. The kids can have a pet one or two then for a while.

Needled Mom said...

Your photos with quilts and animals are always so cute. What a job it must be to have them pose for you.

I am glad the election is over. Now we deal with what is. There were no lines for us and it was actually a month of voting with all the early voting. Media outlets can make everything look worse than it is.

Hope the fairies showed up. When they're done there would you please send them to my place????

Gina said...

Harry is so cute.

I know what you mean about the election coverage. I think it topped the coverage we get over ours aswell.
As for cleaning. Hide all the mess under quilts.
Love and hugs Gina xxx

Stephanie said...

Well isn't Harry the cutest model I've seen on a blog! Here's hoping the dust fairies visited. If they did could you send them my way?

Robyn said...

Wishing you cleaning and gardening fairies you funny girl :p ...and a
lovely day on Saturday!

McIrish Annie said...

I was at the polls at 6 AM when they opened and there was a bit of a line in my little town of 12,000. I am pleased with the result.

I love your shirt quilts!

Libby said...

I'm so glad the election is over - now we can just get back to business. I can't imagine voting being compulsory, but I've voted in every election since I turned 18 *s*
Love your new little helper - that's a lovely display he's sharing with us.

Cascade Lily said...

Love your latest quilt model!

And I keep organising playdates for Rom so that I have to keep the house tidy - it's good motivation!

loulee1 said...

You do have the best models. No expense spared! LOL Seriously though I'm jealous of all the folks who help you out, I have no such offers, not even for milk.

Margaret said...

Sooky Harry is delightful.

Chocolate Cat said...

Just love the chook quilt and what a cute model!!

Kimonos and Sushi said...

Harry is just so cute in the quilt. These could become the next fashion items for calves.....LOL maybe not...Love all the things you post keep it up. Will be back to visit again...