Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Seals and whales.

I'm sitting here trying to write a post and instead I am laughing because I think my work here is done.

Is it because the house is so clean? Not likely!
All quilts pieced, quilted and bound? Oh yes, sure-along with all the pigs fed and ready to fly!
All office work done then? Cough, cough, is that office work? Hold on for a second while i throw a quilt over it, out of sight out of mind!

No, I am thinking all my parenting work is done, I have proof that my objectives are met. Ds, at least, has been bought up correctly and I can now go on holiday for a few years and he will be fine.

You see, having got very wet in the deluge we are experiencing that seems very like rain, he is in the shower.....and...here's the thing, guess what he has sung so far?
Two performances of The Beach Boys, "fun, fun, fun til her Daddy takes the t-bird away" (what is the title???) a good few minutes of "Livin' next door to Alice", a word perfect version of Marty Robbins tear jerker cowboy song, Utah Carol and then his El Paso song a few times for good measure.
We could go either way here and say that his ability to know these by heart is either child ab*se or the kind of parenting that Dr. Spock could only dream about. I'm going the latter!!

We are lamb marking here today so half a dozen men just got silverside with scalloped potatoes, honeyed carrots, peas and mustard sauce. With steamed pudding, homemade custard and icecream. I would have eaten the main course, but I was too exhausted from all the cooking so i accidentally went straight to the dessert. Don't tell my kids.
We had to go to the dentist in the local coastal town yesterday. We had a great time. At the breakwater there was a seal we got pretty excited about
This was me thinking he would swim off and I better click quickly.
Then I got next to my girl on the ramp and we realised the poser had no intention of going anywhere.

Don't know what was going on here, perhaps he heard some of our family singing!
We were hugely excited about that, then we heard a noise under the ramp and found another one! Had we been idiots we could have actually touched this one.
Isn't he cute.

Then we went to an adjacent beach where the Southern Right Whales come to give birth, they come in close to the surf. I grew up with this as an annual winter event but it never fails to fascinate me.

Like this.

Some people are lucky enough to get pictures of them coming completely out of the water, that has never happened to me!

But if you use your imagination you can still enjoy the view, sometimes there can be 6 out in that little cove. These guys have a little more info. It is a huge tourist drawcard.
In general, for a day when no sewing occurred, it wasn't just too bad!
Hope yours was great, Tracey


liz said...

Hi Tracey,
How lovely to see those adorable seals so close.
Maybe you have the next Australian Idol in your family!!!!!!!!
Kind regards from Liz

trashalou said...

Congratulations on having attained high level parenting, you should rightly be proud :-)

Oo!Oo! I think I know where you are(ish) and it is where I was born (but obviously only if I am right
;-) )!!!

loulee1 said...

Thing is.....while he knows all the words, can he hold a tune?
He's well educated though. You did a good job there.

Great day out. It's great to see all the wild life so close to shore.

Libby said...

Those seals really are sweet. What a treat to see a whale . . . and her baby, too.

Elaine Adair said...

Thanks for this great educational post! Who knew these these critters were almost at your back door! Love the critter tales and photoss almost as much as quilt photos. 8-)

Needled Mom said...

An audience whilst signing in the shower???? He should be so proud.

Great photos of the critters at the seaside. I definitely "see" the whales. Why is it they never cooperate when being photographed?

Chocolate Cat said...

Apart from all the other wonderful things I could say about this post, if these photos were taken yesterday what on earth was your boy doing in only tshirt and shorts???? Its amazing how kids don't feel the cold but I just couldn't warm up yesterday!

anne bebbington said...

I daren't even show this post to my youngest - she'd have her suitcase packed and be off on the first flight to you to whale and seal watch with you - lucky you three seeing all that :o)

Niki said...

wow. amazing! i bet that was a fun day.

Carol said...

Heck Tracey, how come you get to see these cool things and I'm down there every day and I never see them. Hmmmph! LOL

Cascade Lily said...

What a great day out!

Ruth's Place said...

Love your seal shots, and the whales!! The whales will be headed our way shortly - August to October is the peak time for us, and they never fail to amaze.

Love that you son sings in the shower - well done with the song selection!

wonderwoman said...

hi, am new to blogging , have been listening to trashalou going on about how great it is, so thought i'd give it a go- your pics are fantastic , how lucky you are! so many lovely bloggers and so little time!